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  1. I cant seem to find the module manager.ddl file anywhere. Any chance i can have a download link for it?
  2. Hi im having the same issues as this guy where it says the module manarger is not found in bright red. but im using 1.4.3 and the latest version of BDA. I think this is my log...if its not i need yall to tell me where to find it https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aRVavSyNjTirmL4QkkixCHvswIICXbgd/view?usp=sharing
  3. Then explain because i saw that older crafts need to have all BDA parts removed. However the problems still persist. If you are wanting a log file...i have a new PC and have yet to figure out how to do that. If you are saying that the current release is only available for 1.4.2 and y'all have yet to get it working for 1.4.3, then just say that and i ll be fine until yall update so there is no need to be crypted about it. if yall are wanting me to report it to github...the i can after i figure out how to get the log file and find out more about the issue beacuse i want to make sure i report it correctly I know i have it installed right.
  4. Ok so i just downloaded 1.4.3 (i didnt bother updating ksp from 1.3.1 until now.) and the current BDA release doesnt fully work with it such as saying there is no manager module when i click on the BDA tab. Also the flair parts look like 50 cal ammo boxes im pretty sure this is simply due to the need to update BDA to 1.4.3 but i just want to make sure that is the reason and not that i did something wrong
  5. I agree to the rules. I was just unaware of them. I ll deleate my comment and make a thread when i have the time.
  6. Thank you sir. With that said NSI and I have decided to team up on the issue. He is creating new models for me to use rather than using older ones.
  7. Yes im aware of what the license says but according to SM in a Pm. LordPrometheus asked him not to revive it and to leave it dead as well as the KSP admins having been made aware of that. I just want to make sure im in the right before i do something. I will say tho i have done a few interesting things like made a Torpedo Tube launched missile by editing the cfg of the RGM-84 from PEW, ive made the Tomahawks actualy able to hit their targets, and I managed to find a way to make GPS bombs track and hit moving targets
  8. Ive been speaking to him lately about something else.... you see with PEW being dead i was thinking of using those models as a template for my own and ive already got a few of those old weapons working great and better than before. However due to finding out SM has the rights to them im not going to be a jerk and release them. Meaning I have to find someone who can create new models to serve the same purpose as the ones i was editing.
  9. Ok so this may not be the place to ask this but im looking to find someone that can do modeling for missiles. Ive got some ideas for a weapons pack mod and so rather than asking other mod makers to make them for me ive just decided to make my own mod however i dont have any idea on how to model. That said im looking for someone who can model as i can do the cfg files. If this isnt the place to ask this where should i ask it at?
  10. Oh i thought they were just something you made up not even realizing they were real life designs
  11. Would you consider doing a block version of the MK41 VLS to cut down on the ammout of parts
  12. Would you consider making an anti radar missile like the harm but make it small enough to fit multiple of them in a mk2 cargo bay and have very long range?
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