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  1. Granted, but to make such a masterpiece they had to get the color just right, so they decided to take a real anvil, hollow it and put the plastic balloon inside. then, they shipped it to your house via air-dropping. I think you know what happens next. I wish, that while downloading files, my internet would not slow down.
  2. Granted, but the 23 gigabytes are all taken up by stolen software. stolen software, that is, that the police have tracked to this very location. I wish my computer would download files faster
  3. False The person below has no idea what a snarbolax is
  4. No. The user below me likes cheese.
  5. GIVE ME AN N! GIVE ME AN O! GIVE ME A P! GIVE ME AN E! WHAT'S THAT SPELL? NOPE! Everyone seems to be predicting vexx, so... worir4!
  6. EDIT: Nobody's above me. Original post: Let me tap into it's thoughts. -CelticCossack51.EXE has stopped responding. Wait for program to respond Close program- Hm.
  7. Granted, but for it to be removed we decided to just remove the brain. I wish this wish will be corrupted.
  8. Banned for baking your goods instead of deep-frying them, HAVE YOU NO SANITY?
  9. Never heard of it! The person below me has not played KSP yet today.
  10. Banned for not being sure you're on earth.
  11. Granted, but to make it quicker they removed all the rockets. I wish I could wish for a wish.
  12. Nope. The user below me has never seen me before out of the forum games forum.
  13. Granted. It breaks. I wish this wish will be corrupted.