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  1. I hope in the future they will default to the randomized system, but allow you to manually choose pilots, or possibly in career mode you can "hire" or "train" kerbals to act as pilots. It would be neat to see them all freak out and stop responding to your commands because they're scared, not unlike what happens in XCOM, and would add extra challenge to the game making sure you have 2 vet pilots stacked with a rookie to train him.
  2. That is awesome! I've tried to build some star-wars style ships but they all come out looking retarded and never fly properly. These are above and beyond, regardless of whether they fly or not (original series SW ships look cool, but they make no physical sense) Small nitpick. I'm not a huge star wars nut or anything but i'm pretty sure the rockets for the Y wing are actually in the bomb bays, I think it just has an engine on the back of the cockpit. Maybe i'm wrong. EDIT: ermagerd Scott Manley test piloted the ships. Well deserved praise right there.
  3. Go home, Rockomax fuel tanks, you're drunk.
  4. I forgot how restrictive .17 was lol. The biggest issue is escaping to orbit. Once you're there a mun landing is a cakewalk. Just burn prograde at your periapsis until your orbit intersects with mun orbit, then burn retrograde when you get caught in the mun's sphere of influence. You're now orbititing the mun. From there a landing should be easy. Try to make sure you have enough fuel to get home (I'd recommend using the same method, get in mun orbit and burn until your orbit reaches kerbin.) Best of luck.
  5. OK I'll give you that one, the exploding upon switching from ship to ship is new to .20. Son of Space Kraken. EDIT: I haven't experienced it personally as I don't switch between parts that way. I'll usually head out to the map and select the ship I want.
  6. what i'd suggest is specifically setting up your landing site so that this does not happen. When you get caught int he mun's sphere of influence, don't go in for a landing immediately (assuming that's what you're doing). Fire your thrusters retrograde (slow down) so you orbit the moon, then orbit until the periapsis is above a well lit area, and fire retrograde again as you approach/reach your periapsis until you are heading pretty much straight down (ie 0 m/s orbit) This is how I tend to make my Mun landings, and as far as I know from my basic understanding of rocket science, it's the most fu
  7. I've played for several hours, made a couple rondevous and docks and the only problems i've had are because of my own incompetence. This update broke nothing for me and it fixed the most annoying issue of not being able to place multiple parts on multiple radial decouplers without having the camera angle just right. Love the update (despite the fact that very little was added in the way of stock parts) and keep it up Squad. I suspect a large portion of the userbase that's having issues are the ones using multiple mods designed for old builds that are breaking the game, and they blame the updat
  8. It would probably be hard to impliment as you'd have to figure out some way to cycle through parts rather than use the mouse and right click to select options, but it would be doable. As long as it's a PC game first and a console port second (how often does that happen nowadays?) i'd be fine with it.
  9. AFAIK there's no way to depopulate a command module before launch (yet). Just EVA the kerbals and right click> control from here on the unmanned shuttle, or use the hitchiker container.
  10. built up an extremely badly designed space station/orbital refuelling station with the new high visibility command module. I'm amazed the thing made it to a proper orbit.
  11. have to admit, I got a chuckle out of these when I saw them in game (first thing I did was launch a poorly designed space station with the new command pod and went IVA) There was one more easter egg. Can't remember what it says specifically but if you look at the way to the right there's a note referencing how the capsule can be prone to explosions. I think it's a reference to how everything in the game violently explodes despite the fact that it's a wheel or girder
  12. i still prefer the rounded brown ones. I don't really see why you would use these as grip doesn't seem to be an issue in KSP. Apart from looking cool they don't seem to have many redeeming qualities at first glance. unless the "grip" means they magnetically attach to the ground (which is possible, it is a game) then 95 percent of my rovers end up on their sides or upside down from a poorly timed turn or taking a bump too fast.
  13. in it's most simplistic manner, I don't expect this would be too difficult to do, all it would take is a tri-coupler flipped upside down, and you've got 3 well designed landers on one large launch rocket
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