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  1. Hi! I first used several modpacks and deleted them all. I did NOT made a clear installation, i only deleted all modpacks, config files and the used KSPIE from the mod folder. I then reinstalled KSPIE, 1.3.1 only, by manuel copy/paste from the zip. I created a new game, in sandbox mode (All unlocked, all tech). I then made a testbuild: A simple command pod, a fueltank with oxy/Liquid fuel, a Inline Heatsink, Thermal Reciver Mk1 and a Thermal Rocket Nozzle. For the Power i used a rover with a peddel bed reactor, the generator for it, heatsinks and the airborne diode laser transmitter, fitted for long infrared. Power Reciver Interface states: Aperture 1.875 m - Facing 99.325% - 2.3 GW total transmitter power - Spotsize 4mm - Wavelength 11 um, networkpower 2.3 GW, Available P. 2.3 GW, Consumed 0, Network Eff. 98.88%, Receiver Eff. 99% Then i launch it, at 100% thrust it goes directly boom, if i set it to 20% thrust i can see that it hits a threhhold around 18% thrust, then the heat spikes (over 2100 K in under 1 second) engine goes red and boom. Funfact: It doesnt matter if i put the thermal nozzle directly on the thermal reciver mk1 or if i put it up reciver/fueltank/nozzle. It will always detonate when i try to launch. But when i use a peddle bed reactor directly on the rocket - works like a charme. Before that i used KSPIE with several Modpacks for science and station science, the only modpack that maybe changes the heatcalculation could be the Kolonization from RoverDude. But other then that it was just ScanSat, DMagic Orbital Science, KIS/KAS/Universal Storage, Station Orbital Science and Extraplanetary Launchpads.
  2. Quick Question: Is the Inline Thermal Receiver broken ? When i try to use the Thermal Rocket Nouzle in combination with a Internal Heat Receiver (Atmospheric Launch from KSP), the Nozzle explodes in seconds. It has the full fuelflow, liquidfuel v- the "Krusader" >Thermal Rocket Nozzle. So, when i use a reactor it works. When i use the Internal Heat Receiver, it works for 1 second until the Nozzle just blows up. I also tryed to stack several heat exchangers on it. Nothing. Cheers, Ferigad
  3. Question to the Magneto Inertial Fusion Engine. Well i got the issue that this fine engine won´t really "work". It seems like it works, from the reactor window, the power tap, all ís green. It even uses Lithium like it should be, yet it only creates little "pulses" that got may. 0.1 kn thrust for under a second every 4-5 seconds. But all statistics read like the engine would run on full power with max. thrust. I did some diggin and found some comments about near future electric could be causing it. Anything known about that issue so far? The last post talking about was in end of July. Thanks!
  4. Question, maybe i don´t get it, but about that microwave transmitters. So i tryed every way i could think off, but it seems like i got no activate transmission button. I can Link Reciver, activate receiver, activate relay but under no circumstances i get a button activate transmission. What i do wrong O.o Tryed it with solar panels to generate power, with some fission reactors, on the ground, in space, with different transmission dishes. I thought maybe they send power automaticly now (I only used it in the old Interstellar Version a couple of times) but i cannot beam any energy to a test rocket with a microwave thermal receiver.
  5. Well thank you for that sir! Would be cool if that micro mod could be put up too as highly recommend or even needed mod on the first page.
  6. Just asking, what i have to adjust to get the Viewing Copula out of the list as possible "Wreackage" and "Debris" Parts used in the Rescue Contracts? I just stumbled into that issue today when i was switching over to the Life Support Mod of yours and go for a Rescue Mission. The Kerbal in question is in a Viewing Copula and guess what? It has no Hatch xD I mean okay, you can see it as a rescue mission with a bit more of a difficulty if you got KIS/KAS but it would be good if the contract tell you that detail before lift off!
  7. After i found this (Finally ^^) i can report i have the same issue. And i never ever had flicker before with even more mods in use. It is quit annoying... So far i got it only in the VAB, not in Flight or in other screens.
  8. Well hello guys, i got a problem that i cannot track to a specific mod. I tryed it allready by installing one by one, in different order and so on. It just appears at random when i am half way through installing the mods and i cannot pinpoint if the issue is duo to a mod, a compatibility issue or just some kind of weird graphic related bug. Well, long story short, my VAB GUI starts to flicker when i try to build rockets. Flicker in that way, that it seems like a second gui without buttons appears and then dissepear again after i move the mouse. It´s incredibly annoying. Anybody encountered something before? And yeah i know i know, but i wouldn´t ask if i could pinpoint it to a mod, at the moment it´s just a couple, like 12 mods that are all updated on 1.2 and have no compatibility issues as far as i could read it in the topics.
  9. Well, i really would like too. Maybe it was a file corruption. I tried another download of tweakscale, this time from another source and reinstalled KSP. Now it all works again. So i don´t think the issue was with the mod itself... had to been some data corruption or something like that. Works perfect now.
  10. Honestly, i got a funny issue. I assume it happens because of a conflict with another mod. But i really can´t figure out witch mod at the moment. Tweakscales somehow changes the atmosphere of Kerbal and the parachute is unable to create a drag. A simple capsule with the starter booster will reach a high of 34-40 km and in free fall a speed of 600 m/s and more. Even 5 chutes won´t break it down, because the atmosphere seems not thick enough to create a drag. At the moment i got it deactivated again. And yeah, with some cheats i was able to break the speed down to around 100 m/s at 2500 meter to the ground. The chutes did activate, but they simple didnt open. It was more like an extrem slow motion from the chute animation without getting a "Fully deployed" sound at all until it hit the ground with 80 m/s More then enough time with 5 chutes deployed.
  11. Hmm, normaly you land at a Kerbonite Spot. Then you deploy the drill. And when it´s fully deployed you activated it. With enough Power and a Kerbonite tank, it should start filling your tanks. And then you can refine it or use it for your drives. Worked with me at first try.
  12. I did finally catch a D-Class and was able to move it into a stable big orbit to mine it out for pressures ore and to deliver it to my Orbital Shipyard, wahahahah! But... one weird bug occured for me. I am not sure if it´s related to your mod or if it´s just simple a space kraken. After a quicksave and a reload, the attached ship with your yaw expierenced phantomforce. If i accelerated the time up, the ship was instantly vaporized, even when it was docked to the asteroid. The asteroid just moved "Through" the ship like it would accelerate. And if i undocked, the ship begann to spin like it was hit by a train. Convertion of rock had allready started at this moment. So... any other of the modules worked great so far. The only thing sucks... the converter needs names! the Symbol are nice but half the time i put the wrong convertes on my ships But so far no crashbug or else.. just space krakens Oh yeah and of course the probe bug that growths in size in VAB, but that are you aware of if i saw correctly