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  1. I'd like my name to be Tay_T The kind of names people come up with when they're younger are interesting. Thanks in advance, love the staff.
  2. This does not sound normal. To clarify things, if this is a rover on top of a rocket, it will spin forward or backwards through controlling the rocket. (Only sharing to make sure, you likely know this, so no offense of course) Brakes can be a little slow sometimes, just wondering if the "not working" is that delay you're referring to or they just simply don't work at all. If that's not the case and your ground rovers are crazy, I would make sure that your KSP settings from the main menu are set correctly. The key bindings, specifically, along with action groups in the VAB / SPH. Here's a few important questions that came to mind: It shouldn't cause this, but do you have mods on? Make sure that there's no leftover files or incompatible addons. It sounds cliché but it this is good to know. Does your keyboard get stuck often? As in, does it tend to press one key and hold it, even if you have already let go of it? This is a possible hardware issue if so. That would explain going full speed at the start unless you mean the craft physically just launches itself. Have you done a complete reinstall yet? Assuming most people use Steam for KSP, it keeps your saves to my knowledge if you "Delete Local Files" from the Library. Just in case, copy and save those. Finally, do you still continue to have the same problem if you make a new save in the game, just say, Creative for example, and make a new craft? Just a debugging idea. Someone will likely have a better answer but let's see if that was any help. Wish you luck in finding the fix.
  3. This seems more like a personal preference. Would you rather go all stock, or would you prefer saying that your grand tour or visit to Eve was modded? Assuming I know what you're talking about, KSPI should be the KSP Interstellar mod, right? The warp drive and all of that. I'll look for that video of Scott Manley you mentioned, but it sounds cheaty in my opinion. Although, it (can) be very, very difficult to leave Eve with stock. If you feel in some way that this is your only option, I would say more power to you and as he would say, "fly safe."
  4. I think this is a nice thread, you all have some interesting designs, quite unique. Guess I'll go ahead and show my best mining rigs so far. ( These are all stock c: ) The Titan ML-R II! (Mining Lander and Refinery) One of the few vessels I have pride in. It's one of my favorite to use. The lifting module, which isn't shown here, is a bit unncessarily large, but it does the job. I primarily use this as a docking hub for refueling, as it can contain enough ore and fuel together to go between the Mun and Minmus, and get into stable orbits after landing for some more ore. It's quite fun and feels innovative to be able to attach anything to this (such as a Rockomax hub with more docking ports) and have small, remote probes or other verions of the same ship attach to it. This makes the ship extremely valuable to use in my opinion! The Titan ML-R I! The cousin to the big-boy ML-R II, this smaller, but definitely not less-useful version was the original Titan. I often use this to rendezvous with the Titan II and convert, share, and refuel the main ship. This means potentially unlimted exploring on Kerbin's natural sattellites, as there's a quite low chance there will be no fuel or ore on either vessel, which is fantastic. (Better be sure to close up those panels before flipping on the engines, that was a bit of a goof. Still, only heats them up, could double as a space grill.) The two together in orbit! Oh, isn't this lovely? Apologies for the picture quality being a little different, it was cut from a video I was making and didn't finish. Wonder if I'll ever post that? Oh well, but this is one of my favorite sights, besides coming home to Kerbin from somewhere far away. Some nice Gaussian blurring felt necessary. If you notice, there's actually not any RCS ports on either craft, so they are docked manually. It takes some patience, but hopefully some new models will roll in and have those ports, because gee, that's a lot of pressure on one Kerbal behind the stick trying to line up and make sure 50 tons hold together in orbit. Also! I forgot to mention, there's some Survey Scanners on these, just for that special moment that you may be in a polar orbit. I'll see what you all think, thanks for reading this if you got here - Have a sciency day, or whatever is the best wording c:
  5. Pfft, I guess so. That pretty much gets the point across that having legitimate Kessler Syndrome in KSP would be a nightmare for some computers. Then again, distant objects tend to not have any lag unless they're fairly large and within the switch-over (dunno, is there actually a proper word for that? where you press ] to switch ships or to another object) range. If you really want a fun ride, put one of those Kessler Bombs or something that will intentionally overheat and explode. Orbit it in the opposite direction of a station but in the same exact position above an object, and blow that, go to the station and get your Kerbals out for some popcorn (kerbcorn?) and see if they can dodge it. I guess that's the KSP version of dodgeball, actually.
  6. I dunno what you all are talking about, there should be more concern about the ghost birds you hear, even if there's not even trees super-near KSC or any mentioning of actual birds in the game. Pretty spooky stuff.
  7. Well, that's true, along with the already exploitable things. There's countless aerodynamic bugs that will probably be changed a lot later, or so I hope. As far as Interstellar? Wasn't sure if you were referring to the movie or actual interstellar exploring in the game. XD Either way, that's a possibility. Although it wouldn't really go in here, if overdriving is going to be a thing, I think overclocking could be a mechanic as well. AKA: Overpowering modules like an antenna \ dish to temporarily send out data as soon as possible in an impending dead-on-impact event, could be overdriving those engines while doing it too! I might make a thread about that, unless that's already a thing.
  8. I'm not sure I would say the "community" wants this (yet,) when only a few people have actually said they would like it so far. I do agree there could be some kind of emergency overthrottle, but I know for a fact that it would rarely be used for the emergency purpose, it would be another mechanic that would be exploited in some way, but I guess every game is like that. Oh well, would still be fun. c: I suppose to balance it, making the engine rapidly overheat or have a chance of failure (as mentioned in the original post, but in my view, actually requiring a Kerbal to get out and repair the engine kind of thing, might be a nice feature as well) during the overdrive would be interesting. I think I like the idea. However, speaking of overdrive and overheating, there's already Thermal Control Systems, when to be honest, when is heat such a massive issue to require that? I mean, you have mining, sure. There's also using big engines and SRBs which tend to overheat, which could be bad in space, but designs should be made to avoid that. I think Squad has something under their sleeve, because I've never personally had to use the huge thermal panels yet. Maybe there is an overdrive in the works or something similar?
  9. Fantastic. It even has the leathery texture to the skin I would imagine Kerbals would have. These are worth animating, and continuing to create. Is there any ideas of what you might use it for? Like, maybe speech animation replacements for cinematic videos, or maybe making videos that aren't purely in-game footage, sort of like your own work of it? Just curious.
  10. XD Well then, that's one way to describe it.I'm very glad you appreciated my input. I appreciate that you did. And I'm glad that you also took this well, not as a discouragement but something to improve on. It's good that you agreed to the same things I pointed out. That's nice of you, and being open-minded to new ideas. But yes, I'm glad you see the point about the copyright thing, you said that in a very realistic way. I do admit though that the scores you used were very fitting to the theme. I see now that you were creating more of a guideline, or like... basis of something you would like to see in the game. I enjoy that. And that last part, I personally enjoy Chatterer too. It makes me feel like the Kerbals are more alive, like they are having ground-to-space communication, making sure they know what to do, like you aren't just "making a ship move," but more of taking part in a journey, so to speak. The part about the speech, it's nice to see you agreed to that as well. Pretty funny about your experience with creating "Satanic chipmunks screaming." XD I do unfortunately understand that though, that it might not be very easy to create speech that seems as smooth as what's already provided by the Chatterer mod. Although, I suppose this is not a mod discussion. The immersion on your part? I see where you were going with that. That's not a bad idea, personally I could see that launches could have some "pre-flight check" before launching, and some slightly different speech mid-flight that could be vanilla to the game. I think that would be interesting. But yes, on that other note... universally, from any language, rocket launches can be exciting. Even if you don't know what they're saying, the suspense and words makes it that just more interesting. For the last part. c: Understandable why you chose the volume to be that way, the sound of something so massive and expensive lifting off the ground is the kind of sound that people interested in space travel and rocketry could get addicted to. I could see some crackling or special sounds added to the game could enhance the lift-off and such a bit, like different sounds for different altitudes and density of the atmosphere. (There is some things like this I suppose, like jets making different sounds, changing color a bit at high altitudes, because the throttle starts to trim down a bit, and the air sounds introduced into the new 1.0.0 update and above.) So in other words, I agree with your reasons. But I suppose you could always change your SFX volume too. But, maybe there is a harmony between the two sounds, or could be in the future, where it's all combined into a nice package of sounds. Good luck though, I like your humor and commitment to your ideas.
  11. These aren't bad actually. The 3rd one on your list is my favorite, it gives that movie vibe, like something is happening, but there's a peace before the storm, kind of feeling. That's nice. However, some pressing questions about this. You don't really specify what you spliced this from, but regardless I think there's going to be copyright issues? Uhm, maybe another note is to remember that not everyone that plays (or better wording, might play in the future) KSP speaks English. This isn't meant to sound bad or anything but there's a reason the Kerbals speak in a reverse language, up-pitched a bit. It makes it universal, just like "The Sims" games have a "Simlish" language that's not any real language, but makes words basically. Although, in your defense, KSP hasn't been released in any other languages yet that I know of. Also, some of the sounds you use are a little too loud in my opinion? I'm not entirely sure how sounds of actual shuttle launches go into the game if you are actually launching a craft at the time, that seems a little redundant. Either way though, I see why you chose those, it gives that realistic feeling of something big going off the launchpad. But! To soften the blow if you found any of this discouraging, which I hope it wasn't, if anything I do encourage you to continue... I would agree with you, I think there could be more suspense in this game, it could be made more get-off-your-seat friendly, as it already is with just simple mistakes turning into catastrophes of tumbling into another object in space. I think Squad could afford some better music than Kevin MacLeod. This is the only game I have played with the music turned off, which is kind of depressing if I'm not listening to other things constantly, but not all songs fit to the theme, you know? If there's been more music added, I wouldn't know. It's been about the same, but it's kind of fair considering how many other things have been progressing in the game. The music side will get some love someday, I'm sure. Maybe people like you can help propel the idea. I wish you luck, and I enjoy your work so far. c:
  12. To me, this is actually an amazing idea. Not just for a re-purposed Aerospike, but this brings up a very valid concept of custom engines. What if this was how it worked for every engine? Maybe allowing nozzle adjustments and therefore efficiency changes, like a balance for air or space travel "Isp" wise, kind of similar to the modeller for the fairings would be amazing. However! That's drifting off subject, I do agree with your idea, it would be very fascinating to see your idea imported into KSP somehow. So in other words, I second this notion. Great idea.
  13. Third... ed? You know what I mean. I'm not super-into merchandise for anything but who could deny a Jebediah lanyard? I mean, it's Jeb. I don't think you have to know about KSP to enjoy a smiling face like that.
  14. The way I see this could be useful is when the heat-shield doesn't cover all the width of a vehicle or other parts of it that stick outwards, especially if it were a horizontally wide ship, such as a space station that wanted to be turned into a land base for example. Basically, this would be a workaround to avoid stacking multiple shields, or putting multiple ones over parts of the ship, making it visually and literally become redundant. (Even though, the game nicely lets you select how much "Ablator" is used, which could reduce the weight slightly, so you only burn up as much as you use, but that's another subject. Although heat does dissipate, and yes, there is some valid points about heat not being a major issue with a regular heat-shield provided with the vanilla game version, this is still an idea nonetheless. Another thing it could be useful for? Aerobraking. Yes, what I'm saying was already said, but maybe I'll continue on that notion. It sounds perfectly valid, like it would be great at slowing down a vehicle, which might even be more valid on low-density atmospheres like Duna where you basically are hurled towards the ground if you fall through the atmosphere at a slightly uncontrollable speed. (The article shown mentions it being a "decelerator," so this seems somewhat proven. Also, an amazing idea presented in the article that could totally work for KSP: Dropping cargo from space with heat-shields that fold out. That sounds like fun to me. ) Although... "A.I.R.B.R.A.K.E.S." does a very good job of doing the decelerating as well, the same as creating a fairing that dissolves most of the heat and speed without sacrificing anything inside of it. It's about the same result either way. I've done a few tests myself, going typical orbital velocities as different angles, using a combination of the airbrakes and heat-shields, which, the brakes seem to lower the speed greatly, and in my experience, around 2x as fast deceleration than it would be without the brakes. But, this is all for you to decide. Just some thoughts I guess.
  15. Hello there. c: To my knowledge, there isn't really an addon that records specifically, so it will likely require a third-party program for recording. (Bandicam, Fraps, etc.) However, there definitely is options for camera tools, with some nice options for cinematics. They will take a little getting used to, but you can use them together, even with the latest version of KSP. (1.0.2) Here's a couple of the options that seem to be the best among most people, at least to what I see. Maybe you've seen them, or maybe not. These two: "CameraTools" http://www.curse.com/ksp-mods/kerbal/220346-kerbcam And "KerbCam" Here's a decent tutorial for the KerbCam at least, and CameraTools (not related to KerbCam, just a side note, and personal preference) is fairly simple once you understand the options. Hope I've been a help, best of wishes. c:
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