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  1. Container cost is wrong. Since the game uses cost for full container, empty containers either very cheap or have negative price. Edit: If for these who dont want to wait here is my fixed values, assuming Small container is 200, Medium = 1000, and Large = 8000 Ore: S = 354.2; M = 2243.3; L = 17989.8 RocketParts: S = 419; M = 2766; L = 22190 Metal: S = 3318.6; M = 26147.8; L = 210065.6 Go into Kerbal Space Program\GameData\ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads\Parts\aeon and change cost value of each.
  2. Thing is - I like building big. It has its own challenges, and I think feels much more realistic. As such I might just use extraplanetary launchpads to build complex fuel modules in places without atmosphere. Just thought about having this ability might help not only in my case but for for planetary complex construction as well - as people could have landed multiple specialized crafts and have them working together at much quicker pace due to preemptive fuel and other resource management. For example having Kethane drill automatically dump into large kethane tank nearby, which automatically supplies processing craft, and later dumps everything into tanker shuttle landed close by.
  3. TAC is useful, albeit I have found it rather cumbersome with large stations as the list grows exponentially large. Is it possible to make fuel transfers automatic in the current version?
  4. Hi, i was wondering - is it possible to create one-way fuel lines similar to stock ones? Perhaps allow kerbals to grab and move the stock ones? With them it would be possible to simplify fuel loading and unloading from complex constructions. Instead of looking for a tank that may or may not be easy to access it would be possible to designate one tank as fuel input and one tank as output, without making it in VAB and sending huge monstrosities into space.
  5. Sorry that was silly of me not to look into crashlog (didn't expect it to generate) yes i was getting dynamicheapallocator OOM, I guess 8Gb Ram wasn't enough for it. I guess this plugin finally tipped it over the limit. When I tried to remove mods the crash was too consistent with presence of KJP so I assumed it was caused by bad synergy within mods.
  6. Getting consistent CTDs. - load VAB - place few modules (i used single stayputnik for testing) - exit and enter tracking station - loaded landed craft on Mun - exit and loading VAB after triggers CTD. Current mods beside this one (I am currently trying to eliminate rest) -Kethane -MagicSmoke -MechJeb -EPLP -B9 -KAS -Firesplitter -HooliganLabs -Spherical tanks -Alarm Clock
  7. Majir, have you considered using science collection mechanic as an alternate way of exploring. For example - pull all science possible to collect per biome, and based on % of collected data - reveal the corresponding amount.
  8. How about another scientific module for that purpose?
  9. Possible suggestions: - Atmospheric samples (Jool for example) - For science base/lab allow it to work only when it is in high or low orbit, and instead of providing research it would condense and store multiple data into storage container designed for landing. this way one can gather plethora of data from any planet and it's moons, without having to land 10+ landers back at kerbin to retrieve all that data. At the same time samples still need to be returned back to Kerbin in order to yield research. - For future ore update: use samples, reports, and recordings of a specific body to reveal ore map. That way planets and moons will need to be researched to show ore nodes, but it wont be grindy afk scanning, nor instant-result on 1 click. More data obtained from one body = more detailed maps.
  10. Allow mods to add their parts to the research tree. Ideal would be to have self generating tree, that only requires modders to specify prerequisite researches. and based on that develop a new graph. This will allow mods to introduce their parts at much steadier pace, not to overwhelm new players, as well as make cross mod research much more compatible.
  11. Hello. Can I recommend cylindrical inserts for half-tanks so one can put them between two halves with halves acting as caps on both ends. Thanks.