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  1. Been loving the series so far, and honestly either outcome just leads to more options. You've also done a decent job of keeping the world of KSP real through words only. An excellent achievement in my opinion!!
  2. If it helps illustrate the issue and the fix then I'll gladly do more detail. I just hope it helps in squashing that bug....
  3. In that case since it likely has it's own patch for the US2 Wedges there shouldn't be any issues. Remember that this patch is only for the Base CTT/RP-0/SETI Tech trees. Any other tech trees should have their own patches. Though I fail to see how merely correcting the typo would break something if you are using a different tech tree mod. Also if my understanding is correct PBC has it's own tech tree setup so it should take precedence over these 3 since they would not be the active tech tree.
  4. Actually yes the missing "2" Was a typo! The US2 Parts were looking for the ORIGINAL Universal Storage mod before applying the CTT patch. I merely corrected the Typo so that they would instead check for Universal Storage 2 Instead before the patch was applied. You'd be amazed at the difference it makes in the parts placement. Here's what it originally looked like: Here's What it should look like for the patch to apply correctly: Do you see the difference? Not having that "2" means that the CTT Patch would NOT be applied EVEN IF you had Universal Storage 2 installed along wit
  5. Another thing to keep in mind is that while the kerbals may not necessarily understand the science behind it all that well, They did have the saucer's user and maintenance manual. Also the control systems are all kerbal designed and built, it's the gravitic drive that they don't really understand. But like most species, that doesn't really stop them from plugging alien tech into their own control systems and getting something that "works?". I've seen my fair share of manga and anime where they can build a control system for alien tech out of their own tech, but never really quite understood al
  6. Well one thing to consider is whether the added weight of Tanks/Fuel/Oxidizer/Engines outweighs the added potential of even WORSE damage from a crash. Remember they are testing the saucer prototype on the Mun. Where the gravity is much less and it looks like the saucer had a relatively low test ceiling for the hieght it was tested at off the surface. Does all the extra weight for the backup propulsion actually counteract the enhanced risk of a crash? Would it offset the extra risk of explosion compared to a low speed impact? Remember that the pilots that were lost died when the prototype gravi
  7. Just thought I'd post this, You've forgotten to add the 2 at the end of UniversalStorage for the CTT patch for the US2 parts. Here is what it should look like:
  8. Quick question, If I'm using Pathfinder can I safely delete the parts from Extraplanetary Launchpads? Given the severe lack of quality in EL's models and textures I'd rather just use your mod instead.
  9. Wow! Thank you very much! I wasn't aware it was being maintained still! I'm installing now, I've got the KSP itch again after the KSP2 reveal. This will go well with my setup I've come up with so far!
  10. Very nice and I'm loving what you did and look forward to building something similar in KSP2. Got one question though, which mod is the Orion drive from??
  11. Very nice, looking good. Got a question though. What mod are the landing legs from?
  12. Really enjoying the read so far, been probably checking at lease once a day for any updates you may have posted!
  13. Hmm, what mod are you using for the Mass Drivers? Also very good read so far.
  14. Thought I'd mention this, but Stellaris actually has a Anomaly event where you find out an asteroid is actually a giant piece of space poo. Gotta love the developers over at Paradox, they include so many interesting anomaly's to find!!
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