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  1. Really enjoying the read so far, been probably checking at lease once a day for any updates you may have posted!
  2. Hmm, what mod are you using for the Mass Drivers? Also very good read so far.
  3. Thought I'd mention this, but Stellaris actually has a Anomaly event where you find out an asteroid is actually a giant piece of space poo. Gotta love the developers over at Paradox, they include so many interesting anomaly's to find!!
  4. Brilliant!!! Except for one "small" problem. The krakens are ESCAPING!! I surprised Albro hasn't noticed that the forgotten have loosed the krakens from his perfect trap. Now tthat they're free the kerbal don't have alot of time left before they start destroying everything in space. Going to love seeing how you work that out!!! That and the response of the Jumble of Parts crew once they find the message waiting for them from kerbin!!
  5. You know players of Star Trek Online actually got a chance to try their hands at the infamous Kobayashi Maru scenario starting on the June 29th thru July 3rd. Highest wave I got to was wave 6, I heard some got fairly high but it was honestly a nightmare of a scenario to run. I see why the Cadets at Starfleet Academy dread that test....
  6. Regarding the whole Thompberry housing issue @Just Jim you may have already wrote yourself a path to being able to change it. Did you not write that the pod was disguised to look like a harmless Stayputnik probe back in chapter 77?? Why not have the disguise damaged or destroyed and the actual pod housing Thompberry's brain be revealed??? Edit: Sorry, it's just that I just yesterday completed the Automatron dlc. The final quest takes you to an old pre-war Robobrain R&D facility. Yes you read that right "Robobrain", robots using a "brain-in-a-jar" like old Thomberry as their central processor & databank. But trust me, Thompberry has nothing on the twisted logic of the Robobrains. The Robobrains you encounter in fallout 4 are killing people to "save" them, due to them interpreting the directive to "Help" the people of the Commonwealth in such a manner that the best method of "Helping" a human was to simply kill them. This being that their was only a 25% chance of survival even after doing everything they could to aid them, thus it was better to simply kill them to spare them any potential suffering or pain...
  7. Which was promptly dismantled by the crews on the 3 rescue ships to adhere to the prime directive due to the inhabitants of the planet that the moon they landed on orbited being pre-warp. Starfleet chopped up the saucer and carted it off. Can't really call it a win if the end result is it still wound up in a million pieces.....
  8. Define "Survived" please. So far we have the NCC-1701-A that burned up reentering over Genesis, the NCC-1701-D which made an emergency landing after an emergency saucer separation & warp core failure. Also technically the Kelvin Timeline NCC-1701 in "Star Trek: Beyond" after it was torn to pieces.... Not really a confidence inspiring streak of incidents, the only thing that really survived was the crews rather then the starships....
  9. This IS an april fool's joke right?? Cause it looked as if you had a plan for this beyond just this....
  10. The iron launcher is not even the craziest launcher I've seen, though it does remind me of a tanker I built using the old Spherical Tank mod. 4 Mainsail engines with 3 of them mounted on the side angled downward and in tri-symmetry. Looked absolutely mad, but it flew into orbit on it's own with better than 2/3rds of it's primary tank left. That was way way back though, I think it was around .21 or .22 IIRC...... Also great chapter!! Looking forward to the next one!!!
  11. Sounds like something you'll weave into the story, consecutive failure of the old sats on software upgrade attempt or when the universe last reset kerbin. You did already mention that something seems to happen to them each cycle that requires quite a bit of work to restore them, given alot of those sats are ancient you could always weave it into the narrative fairly easy!
  12. Now why is it I'm thinking that the monks are made up of the tourists and astrokerbs of the Forgotten???