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  1. Exactly. I have stranded a few on Eeloo, they couldn't be saved before the 0.21 upgrade. However I lay the blame for these deaths on Squad, even though I underfueled the craft and used a design put together for a Duna mission, and had no immediate plans for a rescue...I accept no responsibility for their deaths. This interview is over!
  2. 0.18 discovered and bought ksp 0.19 landed on the mun, including first docking. 0.20 stranded Shersted on Eeloo 0.22 landed, stranded and rescued from Laythe Lots of stuff that I can't remember since
  3. So, wait a minute, are resources back on the books? i used the kethane mod for a while, the positives (extra fuel) was always negligible to the negatives (weight)
  4. Marry that girl. If anyone goes to these lengths you can take it to the bank that they love the hell out of you.
  5. Yeah I bumped up my drivers thinking it was a hardware issue. It's been a bit more stable since (one bsod in 4-5 hours) but still getting the occasional freeze. Also it's been pretty hot here, so the video card could be cracking up with the heat.
  6. I took the leap thinking it would run horribly on my rig (i7 2.8cpu, ati 5870 and 6gb ram), but it runs like a dream, even have some low level anti aliasing switched on. The game is buggy as hell though, I've had a few bsod's, regular freezing and got hit by a trading bug that saw me loose my cargo. I really think having a persistent online commodity market was a big mistake, there's far too much reliance on servers for this game. That being said, I've been playing space trucker non stop for 5 hours, and I've been involved in one battle where I was forced to defend myself. I can tell this game is going to be a ksp level time sync, it's really fantastically addictive. I wish I was playing it right now.
  7. I'd say new planets are well out of scope for 1.0. Getting the biomes done is the next big step and a new gas giant with a system of moons is only going to slow that process down considerably.
  8. I usually 3 stage. 1st stage: boosters and main engine running at 50% gets me to 10,000m 2nd stage: boosters dropped, turn to 90 and burn the main engine at 100% to 1000m/s 3rd stage: drop the main and burn the 3rd stage to orbit.
  9. Refuelling stations can end up being more of a hassle than they're worth. With the big new engines that came in with the asteroid redirect pack it's a lot easier launching everything you need from the pad. Or if it's a really huge load; building your vessel in orbit. Managing a refuelling station turns into a chore pretty fast. That being said, getting rendezvous down is one of the most helpful things you can learn in ksp. Being able to seperate your craft into an orbiter and lander opens up a lot of design options. Plus it's a lot of fun when you get good at it, nothing quite like a single approach and connecting the docking ports with a kiss.
  10. It seems that a lot of people have gone through a similar progression to me. When you start with ksp, it's all about the challenge of whether you can. However once you know you can, you want new challenges and restrictions which career mode provides. It's like the original Europa plan, they wanted a direct orbiter but budget demanded a cheaper Jupiter orbiter with multiple Europa intercepts. NASA most likely could put a probe under the ice sheet of Europa if budget were no option, but that restriction provides limitations that require creative thinking to get the best value out of every allowed dollar.
  11. So it would be safe for us to assume that you're not enjoying the latest update?
  12. My bad, it was the texture replacer mod causing the low res texture issue. Removed it and it's perfectly all right now. We're fine, we're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?
  13. Yep, I'm getting ultra low res textures on rocket parts and planets.
  14. I like bouncing between Jools moons, visually it's the most striking thing to do in KSP.
  15. One of the best and simplest use of ion engines is a lightweight satellite in the Jool system of moons. Raising and lowering your apogee you can do a fly by of every moon in one mission. Providing you keep the weight low burn times aren't any longer than what you'd get with a nuclear engine with a capsule attached.
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