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  1. yeah, I'm at the 3rd node, and I have a lot of 2m / 2.5m engines, but I can't get bigger than 1.5m tanks I tried editing that file, didn't work
  2. I took the treeloader from kspinstellar, working ok so far for some reason my stretchy tanks can't go beyond 1.5 M diameter though, not sure if that's not intended or not (have advrocketry so far) if intended, is there a way to mod that? ty
  3. so I want to play RSS DRE without realism overhaul, do I need to change the heat shields in any way? What do I need to do?
  4. where did you see that this is planned for .22-.29? is there a place squad posts these stuff? if so, can u link?
  5. So I was wondering, why did the apollo program send so many landings to the moon? Why didn't they just explore everywhere at once? Why do we have so many spacelab missions and so many mars rovers? Because we don't know what to look for until the mission is planned, right? First the scientists think up something they want to find out, then the space guys send something up to find it. I hope this can be simulated in KSP basically, once in a while, there'll be a mission that says something like [observe mystery goo behavior over long periods in high kerbin orbit] and that will require a manned fl
  6. 2 things: 1, can joint reinforcement be added to the modlist? Seems like it's almost required for good rockets on RSS 2, will be working on installing all these on my own, but does anyone have all these pre-installed and configured and is willing to upload the gamedata folder? (remove squad ofc, since piracy n all)
  7. I'm interested... so far i just x20'd all of them, let's see your solution
  8. wow, I thought it's just myself until I saw scott manley's video today... and read the comments I just manual'ed it until I reach high atmos, will try scaling down deflection angle tonight (reducing isn't an option since the rocket already only has 3, having only 2 would be redundant...). I have already tried to turn deflection down to 10 though, maybe even less?
  9. we had cone indicator lines? As in, things that show us how wide our cones are? Or just those orange lines between vessels? if the latter, they stay on the map for me, the former never showed up so I'm not even sure if they exist (guess I'm reading you wrong? idk)
  10. is it possible to make this compatible with TAC life support? Just let them be resources that we can carry in any tank?
  11. thanks one more question: for the F1 engine, what do you mean by RFRM mode? How do we configure that?
  12. so I just got the F1 engine... Anyone has an idea on how to mount 5 of that onto a saturn V style 10m fuel tank?
  13. YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *clears throat sorry, excuse me wow... just wow.... love you guys XD EDIT: so that's why mj and ker have been so confused.... is there a display plugin that accounts for that?
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