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  1. Trying the newest devbuild seems to fix the problem.
  2. Love the mod, but recently have seen a problem. As you can see, this is a basic Mun landing, using the Bluedog parts. Everything goes well, until the point of separating the LEM from the CSM. Almost as soon as the LEM starts its decent, stress on the one Kerbal in the CSM starts to climb FAST, along with radiation. As you can see by the pictures, there are no solar storms going on, and even if there were, radiation poisoning wouldn't climb THAT fast. I also know a Kerbal left by themselves will start to go mad, but not inside of 15 minutes. As I have manned stations in LKO, that aren't experiencing this problem, is this a Bluedog conflict? What in heck is going on.
  3. Haven't tried the other shrouds, but it was definitely with the 1.25m shroud, and happened with any experiment (magnetometer, telescope, solar collector)
  4. When I activate the parts, the animations work fine, but they say "shrouded." If they work fine for you, this may be related to Kerbalism. I'm running 1.7.3 if that matters.
  5. Amazing mod, but grr, just noticed that the DMagic parts are broken, time to revert my probe.
  6. Hack solution or no, thanks for taking the time to look into this. You've saved a 'must have' mod for the time being.
  7. Really hope someone can fix this. This mod is essentially a must-have for making truly unique designs, and not having it pretty much stops me from playing.
  8. Chatterer works without issue, and Blizzy's Toolbar isn't giving me any noticeable issues either.
  9. Glad to see these back in business.. a lot of my designs depend on having P-Wings. One thing though, maybe I missed it; but how do you change thickness? I know B9 wings have this, but sometimes it becomes tedious to use sliders for it, when it can easily be done with a key+mouse combo. EDIT: Nevermind....figured it out.
  10. Give me a first class ticket. Anything that may make KSP playable for me again is good in my book.
  11. KSP is currently buggy, and I can't play more than 10 minutes without a VAB CTD, so I've shelved it for now. Minecraft can be fun, but utter lack of physics kill it...(floating trees...) I've been playing From the Depths and Space Engineers, myself... they seem to be a good mashup of the two games. Plenty of room to be creative, but with a nice big learning curve. (More than even KSP, IMO)
  12. I always run as Admin by default and have long since switched UAC off, I don't think that makes much difference.
  13. Yeah, this is how it was back in the Unity 4 32 bit days.. only you knew exactly how big the balloon could get. With this, the balloon may pop with stock, 2 mods, or 50 never know. So it is worse now.
  14. What exactly did you do with the video settings? I tried changing the PhysX setting... no dice, still regular CTDs. What mods are you running?