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  1. Don't be silly, KSP is doing fine. Stop worrying and learn to love the rocket booster.
  2. Immediately after launch: "Wait… where did the main engine go?" Coming in to land on the Mun with an underpowered thruster: "Hmm… that's going a bit too fast…"
  3. I had a Fredfred Kerman back in .20. He was pretty ace. Fredfred Kerman: Because one 'Fred' just would not suffice.
  4. Currently, Jebediah is on EVA in a 5 million km orbit around the Sun because I needed some footage for a video. No, I have no idea how he'll get home, but he seems to be enjoying himself just fine where he is.
  5. It's actually quite similar to how Earth's atmosphere looks from orbit. If anything, the transition should have more colour due to reflected light from the day side:
  6. I don't really see those complaints as having that much of an impact. We don't know how many copies KSP has sold, but it's certainly in the hundreds of thousands, perhaps 7-800,000-ish. By comparison, the entire forum here has some 10,000 active members, and only a fraction of those are going to be "true hardcores". In the end, we're talking about an extremely small, if vocal part of the player base seen as a whole. Of course Squad should keep an eye on and take opinions under consideration to the extent they're valid (and I think they do), but beyond that, how much does it actually matter?
  7. I see it as being in the middle of a process. Everything looks bad while still half-finished.
  8. "I hear I am forgotten. I see, I remember. I understand."?
  9. This would be fantastic combined with the Ordan telescopes. Actual science… sorry, SCIENCE!-producing space telescopes.
  10. No, it's a real physical theory called an Alcubierre drive. The idea is instead of propelling the ship itself, the drive shift the space around it, contracting it ahead and expanding it behind. This allow the ship to circumvent relativity and effectively travel faster than light because it itself doesn't break light speed. It's used in the KSP Interstellar mod.
  11. Because it's ugly and far too many people use it inappropriately.
  12. More or less, yeah. Of course, the Alcubierre drive has lots of problems of its own, such as unfeasably high energy requirements, and the need for matter with negative energy density (or "exotic matter".) But it's at least theoretically possible that it could work.
  13. They're quite different, actually. The Bergenholm drive works by removing the ship's intertia and thus the physical obstacles to accelerating to light speed. The Alcubierre is more complicated, but as I understand the principles, it creates a warp bubble in space that can move along with the ship inside it. This allows travel at FTL because the ship itself does not move – the whole area of space that contains the ship moves, and space itself is not subject to general relativity.
  14. Times New Roman, oh please. The true connoisseur obviously uses Didot.
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