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  1. Is there any way to use the nozzle position in J-404 as a controller? Would be really useful for afterburners.
  2. Not sure if any of those have been reported up to now, but gonna drop these just in case: 1: With AA off the refraction goes stupid to the point of hilarity, displaying what seems to be the contents of the kerbal camera in the bottom right. 2: Not sure if it's on Scatterer or ER side of things: volumetric clouds visible from couple hundred meters underwater. Had it happen in older versions but I don't remember if I reported it. Using DX11, 1.11.1, scatterer+Eve redux with default Eve configs + waterfall (though nothing in the scene uses it), DOE, Planetshine and restock. Dis
  3. Danny is going to have his way with this one... I expect ships with mass effect cores.
  4. Ah, ok then, I thought it was gonna be spread between nodes. It makes sense then.
  5. Imo the ring one should be the cheaper, earlier one, as it's much less wieldy than the coils and is closer to our physical understanding of how one would work, while the coils are pure far future sci fi design and leave much more design freedom. Also I like how reminiscent the Mk2 ring is of the Jedi starfighter hyperdrive ring.
  6. Maybe the Singularity mod could be used to generate warp bubble distortion effects?
  7. Oh, ok. The way I understood it is that the dry masses were changed manually, rather than automatically based on seats inside, and the automatic part is the addition of Kerbal mass on top of it. If that is not the case it will only break pods that are lighter than the sum of Kerbals aboard, as their dry mass will go negative. Which should not be a problem as long as they're reasonable.
  8. I think you should default the automatic IVA Kerbal mass to off, not on, otherwise it's going to break literally all parts mods with command pods without adjustments. And not all of them are continuously maintained.
  9. The Surface SAS doesn't seem to work. LAlt + T only turns on regular SAS
  10. No, that one appeared with Kopernicus installed, without it the only issues are with the 2D layers being lit in faint orange at midnight, the volumetric clouds popping in rapidly at certain distance and also being greyish white at night, and with "disable ambient light" option not working and doing nothing. I am using cloud textures and configs from AVP though, I'll try the default textures/configs set from legacy EVE. Also I had a lot of mods installed at the time, so maybe Kopernicus wasn't the trigger but I can't think of what else might have been. @dok_377 exactly what I encountered,
  11. Clouds are like this for the entire night, as if sun was shining through the ground. Happens even with just EVE+configs+scatterer installed. Volumetric clouds are bright and render on top of the aircraft. Haven't seen it happen at day, which is weird, it's only visible at night and it's hard to see on a screenshot, when it's not moving. Also the ambient light option in scatterer settings doesn't do anything. This one is weird, it looks like the mun is rendering on top of clouds but behind the aircraft, producing a hole in the volumetric clouds where mun should be even
  12. This is a really amazing mod, thank you for this
  13. The mod does not seem to be compatible with axis action groups, and therefore is of limited use for Breaking Ground DLC. Fields assigned to axes controlled by AFBW are not altered when moving the controls, even though the control indicator and throttle indicator do show deflection.
  14. Trying 1.10.1 + scatterer and eve + experimental Kopernicus build and so far the ground and atmosphere ambient light intensity slider doesn't work (at least on kerbin), the planet is treated as airless. Not sure if it's Kopernicus breaking things or 1.10. EDIT: Nevermind, it only seems to be the case at night.
  15. I'm having some issues with latest EVE + Scatterer. First of all, the volumetric clouds pop in instantaneously instead of fading in, second of all they render in the foreground, on top of the craft. Finally, as you can see in the album below, you can see the moon shading through the craft, as ambient light was forcefully applied to areas of the screen not covered by other celestial bodies, but was still present everywhere else. I'm using AVP configs and the Distant Object Enhancement, it's a heavily modded install (most notably, I have the experimental version of Kopernicus installed) but the
  16. I wonder if this could be used for warp effects in KSPIE
  17. One more thing I'd suggest, again from practical balance standpoint: The MK1 cockpit and passenger cabin don't really make much sense that far down the tree. The reason why it's the starter aircraft cockpit in stock is because it's both cheaper and only has one node. I understand that the reasoning behind this was biz-jets, but that's far from the only use for those parts. Mk1 should essentially be made available when the first jet engine is, cause the only reason to chose it over inline is 1. aesthetics, 2. lower the part count by one, which is soon to become a moot point by this point. The c
  18. I found a potential issue with Breaking Ground compatibility: The small head electric rotors (rotor_0*s) are missing from the patch. Moreover, they make way more sense in aviation tree, as their primary use is for electric rotorcraft - in fact that's the only use for rotors in the game period, everything else is better served by servos and wheels. EDIT: Alternatively put them into "Stability", because another use for them - and the primary reason to make them available around the same time as helicopter blades and big turboshaft - is as tail rotors. currently there's no way to drive seconda
  19. I wonder if this could be used to add aeroelasticity effects to wings (without having to separate them into tiny segments). Is the effect only visual, or does stuff like collider, nodes etc. move as well?
  20. I found a significant glitch with the current version (though I think it was there before) - if I use the upper attachment node, the tower fails to jetison - it gets stuck on top and the "jettison" option can be spammed forever, triggering decoupler sound but not actually jettisoning the tower. EDIT: actually, now that I tested it a bit more, it seems to be actually triggered by the offset tool as well. And when using the lower node, the tower sometimes just separates and flies off during abort, or gets stuck regardless. Overall, no matter what I do the tower fails to separate 9/10 times.
  21. Since they've likely solved problems of time sync (they're adding multiplayer) maybe they can implement special relativity? If we're getting realistic interstellar travel (no FTL) then we're going to need something to keep us subluminal during long trips. Running objects on rails at different time step than the focused ship should be possible after all. Lorentz contraction could be a bigger problem.
  22. Save imports have been a thing in RPGs for a while. Baldur's Gate, Mass Effect, Trails series. Still, don't know how it could work in this game, we probably won't have the same parts to convert the saves.
  23. How does the transition between day and night city detail textures work? Does it display both layered on top of each other and increase the light opacity as the time of day changes? Or does it slowly fade the day texture as the night texture gets brighter? Also does the night texture support transparency? Or is black treated as transparent on it?
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