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  1. Slowly and carefully. Second design coming soon
  2. I don't think he means this as I had the same problem last night. Press w to walk forward, release w and he keeps on walking....and walking...and.... R doesn't respond whilst he's walking. Haven't tried in latest patch yet.
  3. Flew to the North Pole, crash landed, planted a flag. Sent a rescue mission in the form of a base and crashed that too. Oh well, at least I got the Cupola the right way up, now to scavenge the parts to keep warm, it's cold up there...
  4. Built a plane that also floats, flew to the Kerbin south pole, planted a flag, made a video and posted it up here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/32662-VEAO-Space-Plane-Sailing
  5. Ever wanted a pleasure craft to cruise around the Kercific sea, but when you've had enough just take off and fly to the Kerhamas? then your answer is here!! VEAO Space proudly presents Plane Sailing.... An aircraft that floats in the sea, takes off from the sea and lands on a conventional runway (can also take off from a runway). Comes complete with stabilisers for that tricky terrain. Our faithful test pilot Jeb has completed all pre-flight/sail checks and even tells me he landed on the sea but errrm lost the plane....Sooooo we built another one just for you!!! We even sent his brother Jorlin to the South Pole to plant a flag and he safely made it home with fuel to spare, no more huskies required!!! A quick teaser video http://youtu.be/ZAF4Sw3HZSk Some images... And the craft file: http://www.veaosimulations.co.uk/kerbal/Plane_Sailing.craft Enjoy, Chris.
  6. The sat dish is awesome, along with the rest of course
  7. Munbase Comms Tower (although now won't work in 0.20 so back to the drawing board) Munar Polar Drilling Rig (Yet to land it) Kerbal Monitoring Station (also have two of them on the Mun) And my latest base design...
  8. Thanks Dennis. Ill upload to mediafire later
  9. I've had issues with "land at target" in old MechJeb but v2 works for me every time, unless I don't have enough thrust to slow down. Try disengaging at a safe altitude and land it yourself. Yep I learnt how by watching Scott
  10. haha yeah two of them, one on either side
  11. VEAO Space presents to you our latest space station and off-world habitat module. Looking forward to that vacation amongst the stars? Then look no further!! The VEAO Space habitat module is the answer to all of your dreams. Offering the latest in Kerbal luxury with spectacular views including two weather decks. Want to visit far away planets, then our habitat module is easily attachable to your standard interplanetary ships giving you comfort whilst you travel. Including multiple docking nodes available for your pleasure craft and off-world landers. Comes complete with Kerbin launcher, good for a 70km orbit. Ever wanted to colonize another planet, then fear not for our module also comes as a handy lander module to set up your luxury hotel on Duna or Eve. Disclaimer: VEAO Space holds no responsibility for your guests when Jeb is in the command module. Standard rooms include views of the station and surrounding space: But why not upgrade to our luxury rooms with a view to die for (please refer to the disclaimer above): Don't delay, launch today and let your guests arrive to luxury in space. Jeb, I told you no holiday snaps to go into the brochure!!! Launch and orbit video with EVA: http://youtu.be/Yeke_MhlxIo Get your craft files here, all stock parts: http://www.veaosimulations.co.uk/kerbal/ESS_Habitat2.craft http://www.veaosimulations.co.uk/kerbal/ESS_Habitat2_Base.craft
  12. This is what I did today... I've pretty much finished my new habitat module, being smart about connecting the parts together this time (lessons learnt). The idea is this base design can be used in space (by adding some docking ports to the underside) or used as off-world bases. I've yet to test the landings, but on Kerbin my skycrane of six rockets can't lift it, so going to have to rethink the skycrane (wider, bigger thrust). Also the current rockets placement causes damage to the modules. A few tweaks still to do on the base module but pretty much there now. I added a couple of Cuploa modules to the sides to give great views of the planet from orbit or surface. And it's complete symmetry so CoT should be fine. Enjoying the sun Accessing the Cupola View from the Cupola I also started on a drilling rig for Munar polar region but the CoT is slightly off centre giving me problems landing it, I'll work on that later.
  13. Had no problems docking at all, multiple ships, multiple times.