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  1. yeah that is how i found out so i checked what will happen without the parachute and it was the same. Oh well i guess i will have to live without the EVA parachutes and just use revert flight to save my pilots. Also build better planes. Anyway EVA kerbals have no drag in the FAR MM and MFI only install
  2. I am using the update version of FAR with 1.2.1 KSP and EVA Kerbals have no drag. I will test this tomorrow with a only FAR and MFI + MM to see if it is a mod conflict. Steps to reproduce are build a simple rocket and launch. Jump out and watch the poor kerbonaut slam into the ground at supersonic speed.
  3. well i found 1.1 version on my pc and since i only wanted to test if it runs well on my new 2in1 tablet i am satisfied. will try to use the patcher later.
  4. Same problem here impossible to download the game i want a steam code naow.
  5. So i go to store> i login > click my account and the website sends me back to front page and if i try to login again it happens again and i cannot for the life of me get to the damn game download. Should have bought on steam than i would not have to deal with this crap. Anyway tried with chrome and MS edge on win 10
  6. Not quite simple as that, because now you will have unsavory characters scouring free mod databases and uploading them to steam workshop to make a quick buck. Some mods needs dlls and resources that their creators made available to other modders and what will they get if someone decides to get paid for mod that they do not hold full credit for. There are so many ways this system can be and probably already is abused its not even funny. Also most of the revenue will go to game publisher and seller that being Valve. For example Skyrim mod creators only get 25% cut.
  7. Soyuz launchers do not have gimbaled nozzles but they use Vernier engines instead.
  9. Power consumption seems a bit excessive. I built a comms satellite with 2440 powers 1 omni 2 DTS-M1 dishes and when i turn them all at once the satellite dies after 25 minutes without power. The bloody thing looks like it is made from batteries and it still could not survive a single night on kerbin.
  10. Need help most of my control surfaces do not work only ones that work are procedural control surface and AVR8 winglet everything else is just not moving at all this errors appear in KSP.log in large quantity. I looked at the config files for the parts and they seem to be nearly identical. Anybody has any idea what could be causing this? [EXC 19:40:39.258] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object ferram4.FARControllableSurface.get_MovableSection () ferram4.FARControllableSurface.FixedUpdate () [EXC 19:40:39.259] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object ferram4.FARControllableSurface.get_MovableSection () ferram4.FARControllableSurface.FixedUpdate ()
  11. Went to walk the dog tonight and saw ISS and 3 meteors, also the sky was very beautiful divided into north half with no clouds in the north and like 3/10 scattered clouds south that were backlit by the moon. Wish i had a decent camera to capture it. If it was not for the dog i would have stayed home behind my computer and would see nothing.
  12. This sentence just broke my mind. THAT ID THE POINT TO BE REALISTIC. Seriously anyone who has the faintest idea how real aircraft aerodynamics work cannot play in the stock aerodynamics as they are utterly and completely stupid.
  13. Build a plane designed to test a small jet engine in high altitude and low speed, went for a high aspect ratio wing that i had to string together from square wing segments. As you can see the plane's performance was rather poor. After that i struted the wings and while the plane became more or less flyable it could not fly slow enough high enough. In the end i just made unmanned VTOL took of reached the test condition altitude and speed and then landed on runway with ease.
  14. Is there a way to set the flight computer node execution few second before the maneuver node? So if I have 60 seconds burn it will start 30 seconds before the node.
  15. Seems to be working in 0.24 with 64bit KSP
  16. Check this soyuz on board camera vide absolutely awesome. My favourite part
  17. Man they have 500m/s RCS backpacks. Compared to that parachutes are literally nothing to be cocerned about.
  18. 4 books awesome reading written by Boris Ye Chertok deputy chief designer of the S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia almost 80 years of Russian rocket-space program history in 4 excellently written volumes and free to download from NASA. Must read for anyone even mildly interested in history of space exploration Links here: http://www.nasa.gov/pdf/635675main_RocketsPeopleVolume1-ebook.pdf http://history.nasa.gov/SP-4110/vol2.pdf http://history.nasa.gov/SP-4110/vol3.pdf http://history.nasa.gov/SP-4110/vol4.pdf
  19. According to Tsiolkovsky equation there is no limit theoretically. Practically you can increase your launch mass only as long as your engines will have enough thrust to get you TWR of at least 1.2. And the equation is logarthimc so with rapidly increasing launch mass dV will increase quite slowly.
  20. Yeah i thought that would be something like that. Time to try out that time control plugin that i heard about.
  21. RSS+FAR+Deadly reentry+9000m/s deltav ICBM = Really big numbers. Just look at this almost 8 megapascals of dynamic pressure and 550 kN of drag lol. Also i do not know why but once the warhead hits the really dense atmosphere it starts twitching like crazy. I modified the FASA nuke warhead to survive even steepest reentry and it actually managed to wobble itself back to ballistic trajectory out of atmosphere it looked pretty funny actually. I guess at that high speed and high air density computer just cannot handle the ridiculous forces and freaks out or something.
  22. How about Minecraft engine imagine that such beauty and complexity mind blowing.
  23. Finally managed to make a plane that can land although i had to sacrifice some speed to get there. I tried many different arrangements even tried to make a swing wing using KAS but nothing really worked so i had to add a piece of wing with low sweep near centre of the aircraft so that i can slow down for landing without that all landings ended in a flip and explosion. Max speed was 2.436 Mach which is about a half of the current record but well at least my plane still looks like an aeroplane. Anyway since i use TV PP i cannot go faster than 1100 m/s on jet power. The last two images in album show what happened when i swapped the central turbojet engine for ramjet and climbed into higher altitude. I almost circumnavigated Kerbin with it but unfortunately ramjet lacks electric generator so i run out of power just before reaching KSC and crashed. http://imgur.com/a/ZSO5c
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