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  1. Getting back into kOS after, I dunno maybe 4 years. I'm playing on a 10+ year old laptop, and have a 1+ y/o daughter now, and on several occasions due to the lag of the laptop and my attention being on my daughter I look back at the laptop to realize my rocket is still going straight up with 2 or 4 empty boosters still Once upon a time I had a script that would launch 3 comm sats into orbit while managing throttle to make best use of fuel/oxidizer. I had the script so I could set the desired altitude when I ran the script, the number of paired asparagus stages etc and it would calculate the needed PE to get equally spaced sat deployments. I think I had it deploy each sat as the carrier ship came around to the AP each time. Of course the limitation of the game made it so I had to manually switch to the deployed sat and run the circulation program, but other than that it was all automated. Of course now I don't know where that script went. Checked backups on my network drive and found some older, not so useful scripts. It may be on my desktop (older linux build, have been to lazy to backup and update it) or maybe on my old laptop hard drive. If i can't find it I guess I'll have to start from scratch, which may not be such a bad idea considering the changes since the last time I used it. [EDIT] Pretty sure I found my old scripts, they were for KSP 1.0.4. Just for fun I think I'll try it out and see if it still works at all. Though I highly doubt it. Amazingly my old scripts still work. Well, I've only tried one that puts things in orbit, not the one for deploying sats equally spaced. It needed a little editing, and its not entirely efficient or accurate, but it gets the job done.
  2. It's been a while since I've played or been to the forum (well, I started playing again about 2 months ago, but just got DPAI again recently), but that's not too important.... I started this post to see if DPAI should work with the latest KSP, 1.4.4, but after some trouble shooting, noted below, it started working. Maybe this will help someone else if they have the same problem. When I first installed it and ran the game, the toolbar icon did appear. Dont think I did any dockingnin that session. The next time I launched the game and tried docking the icon wasnt in the toolbar and the DPAI window didn't come up. I did some tests, another mod had MM 3.0.7 so I replaced that with 3.0.6 from the DPAI ZIP, that didn't seem to fix it so I deleted and reinstalled DPAI and that seems to work. The window shows up when expected and the icon is there. Tried it twice after closing and reopening the game. The DPAI version I have is if that helps. Only thing I can figure is maybe something got corrupted in a crash. I suppose log files would help...but since it's working again I wont bother. If it happens again I'll see if I can track down something in the log files.
  3. Yep, latest version column in CKAN says I did just download from git and that one works.
  4. I'm also having the corrupted KAC window problem after upgrading to KSP 1.1.3. I'm using CKAN and it did show an update for KAC. It says installed version is but latest version is I haven't tried it today, but did last night after updating KAC via CKAN and it was still messed up.
  5. Maybe, I just find it annoying to search through 4 or 5 pages to find which of my mods have updated, and thought it would be easier with a list. How ever as @frostsid mentioned, there is a list already thats being updated. As others have said, not everyone uses CKAN, for one reason or another, so thats where a separate list comes in. Cool thanks, I'll check with the person who made that post and check if they're ok with me sharing their link at the top of my post.
  6. Here is a link to a list of mods that was started by @nismobg back in 2013 and has been updated over time as mods were updated to work with various versions of KSP with which they are likely to work:
  7. I believe the mod precise node also allows you to edit the conic patch limit.
  8. Also, I would recommend those doing this to thoroughly read through this, so as to know what we're looking for when we find bugs, and what to do when we do find them. Also note this section " As it is the place for raising issues to the Core Developers, the bugtracker is only targeted at Unmodded installations of KSP. The developers don't run modded installs and are focused on providing the most stable core experience that they can. Modders can then build on this stable foundation." Just keep that in mind. I imagine the various mod makers will have threads specific to 1.1 pre-release bug tracking. THink I forgot to add the link...haha
  9. + You have to exit steam and restart it to get that option
  10. They setup/are working on setting up a sub forum for it here on the KSP site.
  11. ahhh the good ol days of dialup bbs, where you had to go through menus using numbers 0-9 to get to different categories...
  12. I should hope so....more people would have started playing the game since then.
  13. Think of it like this....a couple months, or weeks from now....1.1 will have been out for a while...sooo in some's already out....but later.
  14. I saw it crash several times during the squadcast over the weekend...