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  1. Most life support mods have a buffer time from hours to days before Kerbals die from lack of a resource. This represents spacesuits and not needing food constantly. So it's fine if all the oxygen resource leaks out.
  2. I recently remembered seeing a mod a while back that allowed you to generate your own decals within the VAB, including custom lettering and everything. They could then be projected onto the side of your rockets. However, despite 30 minutes of searching, I can't find it anywhere. Does anybody remember the name of this or know where I could find it?
  3. KSP doesn't model the geoid, so sea level altitude is given via a set radius from the center of the planet (to the transform of the root part of the craft). Radar altitude is done by raycasting straight down (I think).
  4. This looks really cool! One thing I would suggest is splitting the radiation calculation and the Kerbal damage functionalities in to two separate mods. I'm sure there are a lot of people that would like an open and extensible system for progressive Kerbal damage. For example, mods based on 0-g fitness degradation, mental health, et cetera, would benefit from a common system of tracking Kerbal damage. Potentially integrate with CrewFiles?
  5. Don't know any of these have been mentioned before, but here some possible failure modes for the future: - control surfaces get stuck - batteries lose their ability to recharge/discharge - solar panels don't open - solar panels don't close - solar panel doesn't charge - wheel failures: steering lock, motor stuck on, draws way more power than it should - antennas draw more power/get stuck closed or open Basically any toggleable animated state should be able to get stuck. Manually setting it with an EVA should be possible though (or maybe only sometimes).
  6. The forum is a deep pool, like most markets in the real world. You toss a product in, maybe it sinks, maybe it floats. But you have to give it some time, and give it a push. Don't expect everything you do to become hyper-popular right away, or ever. Even if your mod doesn't become popular, it might help someone in the future with their own endeavors. But again, it all takes time.
  7. So will this include things like coolant tanks (with ammonia or whatever) and heat pipes? And have electronic components sensitive to waste heat?
  8. Honestly I think using a stock-based tech tree (like CTT) is ultimately going to be harmful to the experience. 1. The problem is that progression is based on a single tree with ever-increasing node costs. However, by taking money into consideration and breaking the tech tree into a number of sub-trees based on the field of technologies required, I believe it could be re-arranged to provide much more flexibility in play style. Here are a few examples: A node with very good parts that costs a low amount of science, but requires a number of expensive, technologically-diverse nodes to be unlocked first. An expensive node available near the beginning. A scientifically cheap node, but the unlock costs of the parts are high. 2. In addition, having the tree broken up by discipline would mean that players could choose to get very advanced in certain fields more quickly (rather than being forced to follow the specific historical progression that we took). For example, while the US did not pursue the concept, we could have developed Orion drives very early on. Another example is nuclear reactors. The USSR launched a few primitive reactors, but we ended up pursuing more advanced solar technology instead. A tech tree similar to this would be more "realistic" and more fun, I think: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/88257-Engineering-Based-Tech-Tree-%28with-flight-first-option%29-WIP-8-30-2014
  9. It would be very important to tag information by date, to make sure people know what is potentially outdated. Also, I imagine the Talk pages would be very useful in sorting out the "I think..." tidbits. Despite the difficulties in launching a new community platform, I think it would really help cut down on the number of repeated questions and trivial problems people get hung up on. The forum is incredibly hard to search for help; a wiki is an excellent solution.
  10. If it's supposed to be a true Gemini analogue, shouldn't you get rid of the engine in the back?
  11. Thanks! For posterity: BTSM does it by having a flight manager do a check every Update. If the current vessel is an EVA Kerbal, it checks ResearchAndDevelopment.GetTechnologyState() for the appropriate node and then manually explodes the vessel root part. For thrusters, it subscribes to the EVA start and end events and zeroes out the fuel if the required node is not unlocked. Every frame it also manually removes the Renderers for helmet and thrusters, respectively.
  12. Meh. Each thumbnail is about 80x80, so judge for yourself. Download link (MEGA)
  13. Does anyone know if it is possible to disable EVA and EVA Jetpacks (by any means)? The aim here is to require a tech node to be unlocked before you can EVA. Does anybody know of an existing plugin that does this? I've searched around but found nothing. At this point even a nod in the right direction would be a blessing. Thanks!
  14. It's also super helpful to search around on this forum, as people have almost definitely asked the kind of questions you might have. Also, check out all the links at the very bottom of the post here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/94638-New-Mod-Development-Links-Compilation Specifically, KSP API Documentation Official PartModule Documentation Starting out on Plugins KSP Plugin Framework - Plugin Examples and Structure Example plugin projects to help you get started The official unoffical help a fellow plugin developer thread Wiki page on Plugins Creating your first module As for looking at existing plugins... that only helps so much. Often it can help if you are looking how to implement a very specific feature, but trying to use plugins as a learning guide is actually awful. It often feels like this:
  15. I actually did this a while ago. I went through a huge number of mods and took screenshots and cropped the parts list thumbnails. They're kind of low-res though... also not completely comprehensive within mods (missing lots of adapters, tanks, similar-looking parts, etc.)
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