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  1. I tried the suggestions in this thread: but it didn't work. I also tried some of the suggestions in the answers to the thread, but none of those worked either This appears in output_log.txt when I try to exit the Astronaut Complex:
  2. KSP has now started doing this more and more often. Suddenly I cant activate a flight, or exit a building. I've tried disabling my plugins, one by one, to see if any of those are causing it, but they are not. With my current save it happens constantly when entering the Astronaut Complex, but also happens if I try to terminate a flight. I've previously seen this problem occuring on these forums, all the way back to 2014, so I'm surprised this hasn't been fixed 3 years later! Seeing as the log file also has many NullReferenceExceptions, this is really a sign of sloppy programming/testing. I'm sure it can be fixed by editing my savefile, somehow, but the fixes I've seen has to do with deactivated astronauts, and they're 2 years old, so I'm not even sure they apply to 1.2.2. The problem also occurs in Tracking Station, which is an altogether different building than the Astronaut Complex. What can I try to do to my savefile so that the game starts working again?
  3. SAS is off (as I'm on the surface and don't need it). It makes no difference with parking brakes on or off.
  4. No No, I noticed that when I got to Minmus. I have thought about those and figured it might have something to do with it. Then I thought some more about it and figured it shouldn't really have anything to do with it... then again, the Kraken works in mysterious ways. I'll definitely look into this the next time I launch one of these behemoths. Thanks! A friendly tip if someone tries to build something similar. Put on more solar panels. It is greatly underpowered when drilling or refining It starts to sink into the surface, followed by it blowing violently apart. If I go out of timewarp at the correct time only a few parts will have exploded and the vessel suddenly has an apoapsis of a few hundred meters. In the Kraken's defence: It is a glorious dismemberment
  5. I've made a large rover that just won't land properly. in the KER readouts it switches betweeen "in space low" and "landed" extremely quickly (10 times a second) and I can also see the rover slight moving when I zoom in on it, even if it should be standing still with the brakes engaged. All engines are turned off and I can leave it for an hour without it stabilizing. Any ideas on what is wrong with my rover to not be able to land properly? Also, when exiting to the space center when the focus has been on my rover, the game crashes.
  6. No, I don't have any other contracts for that specific part.
  7. Yes, I completed the contract, and yes, I paid the entry fee.
  8. I took a contract where I needed to test the Poodle, so I got that part for free without having to research it though it was marked as "Experimental". However, after researching "Heavy Rocketry" the part is still experimental. Does it ever loose its experimental status? (Does it even matter?)
  9. Lately I've encountered the bug where you can't go to the Space Center, recover a vessel, or quickload. I can't be certain this is related to Kerbal Engineer, but when I removed it I no longer experienced this issue. Is this a known issue with this plugin or is there something else at work here? According to other threads on the topic it has something to do with memory usage, so I installed the Active Texture Management plugin, and KSP did indeed use less memory, but it didn't help a bit for this issue.
  10. Bingo! That thread you linked to was quite old so I figured (hoped) it had been fixed. Apparently not, so thanks for the help! On a somewhat related note: When I choose "Control from here" from a docked craft, then decouple/undock a docking port, focus almost always switches to the other craft. Is there something in the order in which to perform these actions that decides which craft is commanded after undocking, or is there something else at play?
  11. KSP Version: 0.900.705 Beta OSX What happens: Can't dock two craft Mods / Addons: Docking Port Alignment Indicator [Version 5.1] (AFAIK this is only a graphical tool that does not change any of the gameplay and shouldn't cause this problem) When I try to dock the "Refuel ship" to the station it is right next to, the two docking ports won't engage and the two craft just bump into eachother, then drift apart again. I have tried several docking ports on the station but I can't dock to any of them. It doesn't matter if I set the docking ports as targets or not. What is going on here? You can download my savegame here: persistent.sfs
  12. I haven't found a reproducable way to reproduce this error, but here is the player.log and craft file. Unity player.log Craft file Apart from these files there's what is already described. I create a new sandbox, create a rocket and launch it. I create another rocket and launch it. I quit the game. I start the game and load the same sandbox. Create a rocket, launch it, and it crashes on separating the TR-38-D. I don't know if quitting and restarting the game actually has any effect, but this is what I did before the game crashed.
  13. Seeing as I can create a new (sandbox) game, create a rocket with a TR-38 D and launch it successfully, I doubt the problem is with the part.cfg file. Had that been the case it would always crash when separating with a TR-38 D.
  14. Update: I created a new sandbox and recreated the rocket, and everything started working again. After having launched a variety of rockets I quit the game. Now, I just started it again, built another rocket and launched it. Everything worked just fine until I got to the staging where it once again crashed. This most recent rocket first stage was with radial decouplers, which worked just fine, but when I decoupled the TR-38-D the game crashes. Decoupling the TR-38-D is the part that created problems for my first post (but it worked fine in the new sandbox up until it didn't). Pastebin of recent crash