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  1. Caldari Merlin 244 parts Mods: Nazari LLL JARFR Firespitter (the newest one) FusTek B9 Aerospace (the hueg one) Deepspace Pack and I think that's it Original: Kerbalized: I haven't figured out how to rout most of the fuel to the two wing-engines, so they die pretty fast in space, but the two jet-engines function fine on the launchpad, though this thing flies like a homesick rock. Maybe someone will do a nice EVE-Kerbal machinima and upload it to youtube? Not me though, that's beyond my capabilities. Oh, and if the shader glitches with this, just exit to the spaceport and get back through the radar. If that doesn't work,re-start KSP, then return through the radar, or maybe through an EVA or something. Maybe it's just my crappy lappy though. CRAFT Flag
  2. My bad, they're from FusTek. Here's the link: I updated the OP.
  3. I can't see the velocity in 3rd-person view, so I wanted a ship with which I can see the ground, horizon, artificial-horizon, and the velocity, without having to switch back & forth between in- side&outside views. This is what I came up with. I use the main (horizontal) engine to decelerate, then shut it down and the small engines on (per hot-key) for the actual landing. The non-stock tanks could easily be swapped with stock ones, I chose them mainly for aesthetic reasons. Next, a drone re-orbit unit for stranded Kerbonauts There's a small ASAS hidden in there somewhere (the nose-cone with the antenna), so I needed no RCS.
  4. I did a Crucifier, flies just as great as the Kestrel. Original: Kerbalized: Imperial Crucifier CRAFT I never flew these, so IDK whether it is completely accurate. I noticed my oops with the Kestrel. I won't update the .craft though, since you just have to flip the nose a bit.
  5. I got me a Kestrel! Here's how the original one looks: Here's my Kerbal version: And here's the CRAFT It doesn't fly, just spins until the pilots get sick This ship is for looks only. I leave it up to the audience to edit it with the appropriate BLING!
  6. Screw the Amarr! Minmatar FTW! Kerbol is in WH-space. Physics changes include limited fuel supplies, space not being thick syrup, and chibi "clones".
  7. Maybe I'll try a kestrel. Here's the updated Slasher, 185 parts, can "land" (at the launchpad, with clamps and lowered landing gear). CRAFT Still "flies" like crap, but I placed fewer RCS and around CG, so it doesn't take ages to turn for photo-ops. Kerbal Pilot tends to hump ladder when trying to climb down (he loves his ship), but almost smooth back up. Beware of head-seizing struts, and other pitfalls while EVA.
  8. I won't start another thread for this part-hog. There are like over 300 parts, same mods as above. It flies like a brick tied to a bundle of bottle-rockets. If you get it into the air at all. Forget about landing it... I'll see if I can revise this, push down the part-count at least, then maybe I'll post the .craft
  9. http://www./download/2wlvpwos8pd8dn0/Republic_Firetail.craft Thar you go!
  10. Controls are touchy, but I could launch off Minmus by tilting back onto the engine, and throttling up. Not much fuel in this though.
  11. Two Internets if you recognize it! (more on this)
  12. Here's the original: Here's the Kerbal version: Now if I could only figure out how to upload the .craft... Mods: RLA MMRTG NFJ Ion-Hybrid-Electric Pack Firespitter Nazari Falcondrone and FusTek Station Parts II And for some reason I installed the pod upside-down Oh, well. That's kerbal-engineering for you. EDIT: After some thought I removed and added some stuff, mainly to make it more land-able.
  13. Is there a way to make your Kerbals point the flag in a desired direction? Bill here always insisted on erecting it perpendicular to the sun, except for my last try, where he placed it at about 30°, and backwards. (I flipped the image in GIMP, except for the GUI) Note to self: Pack extra flashlights.