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  1. I have a question with the near future engines, i am running realism overhaul and it seems to cause issues. I know with the other engines you need to use RCS or something to move the fuel downward. But i tried this and it did not seem to fix the issue. My problem is that the engines work fine for a while then just stop running... RCS or other means to apply a force does not help. KP-XL inductor pulse inductive thruster can start it 2 or 3 times then it stops due to lack of fuel...
  2. But i just build a rocket that can land on Eve and get back.... I almost have it in orbit and on its way... =( 100% tested and can re-enter, land and make it off of Eve! Are we going to have a 1.0 version of this? I am going all the way to sea level and back to orbit in a stock craft, no part clipping~ Mods: TAC lifesupport MechJeb Texture Replacer Ill remove all the other mods before the trip.
  3. Thank you for the prize and continual updates! Good luck to everyone
  4. Ok i had to add all my RCS jets to the RCS action menu so that the RCS button 'R' will toggle RCS on and off. This turned out to be a feature as i wanted some RCS to not turn on anyway.... Did i say RCS enough? Solved mostly...
  5. I missed the KSC.... http://imgur.com/a/9KUrP Does this still count?
  6. I made it! please see my submission http://imgur.com/a/9KUrP *Under 20t *Under 100 parts *Every ton of payload brought and dropped off on laythe (payload may not be fuel or engines or anything that is actively used to propel the craft) *Looks good (this is somewhat subjective but ill give +50 to anything that doesnt look bad as in exposed junk, RTGs on hull, that sort of stuff, i like sleek good looking craft). 47t 58 parts 2T of food oxygen and water for the trip Looks good but the 6 containers of food.... but i needed them! No docking port or anything fuel transfers =) 200 points?
  7. Ah yeah rotational velocity 0.0002416 rad/s rotation so at 13,000m your moving at 3.1408m/s So if they clocked in at 5m/s the tallest hill on Gilly would be 20,695m so even attaching 2.5km above that is no place near 42.14km Well i tried...
  8. I have a question, i'm also working on the math now... but could you build a space elevator on Gilly? I mean it isn't really worth it as the gravity is so low. But for science! Reason i believe that this could work; 1 Gilly has a fast rotation 5m/s at its peaks. Its radius is 13000m + maybe some for mountains 2 Orbital speed are extremely low 3 2.5km added arm might achieve orbital speeds or even escape velocity.
  9. I have an issue where my thrusters on my space planes need to be activated one at a time, this is both annoying and very frustrating as i am testing many space planes. Rockets don't seem to have this issue, just every ship i build from the hanger, not the VAB. Once i get to space i have to manually click on each RCS thruster and tell it to "enable".... Any solution or is this a known bug? or maybe its just me in Linux 64bit?
  10. Can we get the 3 body problem for the physics then? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three-body_problem I want lagrange points!!! and all the other cool things with the 3 body model!
  11. Lol its my medium lifter, able to lift a full orange tank in to LKO and land back at KSP =) I plan on getting one to lift 2 or 3 orange tanks stacked end to end... but that's still in the works...
  12. I would like to submit my space plane for the K prize as i lifted an orange tank into orbit and returned landing at KSP... I didn't get the logs to prove that nothing exploded but honestly i don't have much to explode and took front and back shots... The only mods i have are Mechjeb, Engineer and TAC lifesupport. I did use Mechjeb only once during the flight, only to help plot when i should do a retro burn to re-enter and land at KSP. Engineer is there just to show AP, PE and time to AP so i know when i have a circular orbit while flying. http://imgur.com/a/9EgmM Edit: Other mods are all visua
  13. Hey speaking of T/W ratio and saving weight, are the pre-coolers worth it when making a space plane? do you need that much extra air? It seems that the rapiers die at some point no mater how much air i give them, so the extra drag might be hurting me more than helping?
  14. Mine looks kinda like "Red Iron Crown's" but i have only 1 atomic engine in the middle, 2 rapiers, and 2 ramjets. Less engines means less dead weight, only issue i have is while running my Atomic engine i only have like .1-.2 T/W ratio. I have 4 Scoop intakes and 4 pre-coolers, im not sure if the pre-coolers are worth it or not. I currently make it to orbit with 5T of cargo in a Bay. if i fly empty i have an extra 1k of delta V in orbit. I think i can take the bay out and add that as fuel, take out the 2 seats and make it a single seat. Should get me an easy 6-7T of extra fuel. I should be abl
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