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  1. Thank you for giving us the last 7 years worth of a great read. I'm quite intrigued on whatever you will write next.
  2. Really need to stay caught up with this. You don't look at it for a few weeks and another short novel get's added.
  3. I know exactly how you were feeling because I also just passed my board of review.
  4. KSK. I don't know to if I should hate you or love you right now. On the one hand you killed Ornie, but on the other you made me care enough about him that his death meant something. So I guess all I can say is thank you. Thank you for writing this story for us. totally not tearing up right now.
  5. Ya. About 140 man hours all told. I'm also in Venture crew now so Advisory instead of SM, but kind of the same thing.
  6. Finished up my Eagle project today. Just need to turn in my applications and board of review now.
  7. I'm with Elthy. Unless you can get a good deal on used stuff it would be better if you just saved up some more money. I say a minimum of $500.
  8. Went with Reusable Space Program since that's on of the first KSP series I watched.
  9. It would help if we knew what these other things were. Also on the topic of upgrades. I have an i5- 3570K LGA 1155 and I'm wondering if I should just dump it and grab skylake/whatever it is that comes after, or grab an i7-3770K, or just overclock it a bit.
  10. There's actually hyper advanced Orks.
  11. 1 stick was cheaper and it allows him to easily be able to add another 8gb and go dual channel at 16 gb. The PSU I chose because it is actually cheaper than the 450W and the same price as the 550W.
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