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    [DEVTHREAD] Deep Space Exploration Vessels

    Bug report: Build: DSEV_0_3_10E OS: Debian "Jessie" 64-bit Supernova Fusion Engine can be Activated without engaging any Reactors. Thus generating Zero heat. The trick is you Activate the engine before you Stage the engine.
  2. BuzZBladE

    [0.20] [Decals] World & Pirate Flags

    Added Wales for Syndic, also 75% of the flags are now 100% less blurry.
  3. BuzZBladE

    [0.20] [Decals] World & Pirate Flags

    Thanks for reporting that. Added France and USSR, I had skipped the french flag sorry about that.
  4. Introducing World & Pirate Flags. Flags for 212 Earth Countries and 8 Historical Pirate Flags. Want to claim Kerbal Space for your Country? Here is your Decal Pack to make it happen. Download: World & Pirate Flags Edit: All flags updated to HD. Now contains 228 Flags.