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  1. Bug report: Build: DSEV_0_3_10E OS: Debian "Jessie" 64-bit Supernova Fusion Engine can be Activated without engaging any Reactors. Thus generating Zero heat. The trick is you Activate the engine before you Stage the engine.
  2. Added Wales for Syndic, also 75% of the flags are now 100% less blurry.
  3. Thanks for reporting that. Added France and USSR, I had skipped the french flag sorry about that.
  4. Introducing World & Pirate Flags. Flags for 212 Earth Countries and 8 Historical Pirate Flags. Want to claim Kerbal Space for your Country? Here is your Decal Pack to make it happen. Download: World & Pirate Flags Edit: All flags updated to HD. Now contains 228 Flags.