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  1. Hello, have yet the files to use the THSS mod in career mode, including Remotetech and DeadlyReentry? I would be interested in getting them.
    Thank you very much for your work :)

  2. Hi Nathan. I have just found a small error in one of the cfg files, "SpaceShuttleEngines_modularFuelTanks.cfg". Specifically, @PART[km-tank-mid-small-2] ..... volume = 80000 ..... I'm fairly sure it should be volume = 8000 for that tank. Cheers
  3. Update: I deleted the solar panel module from the SHERPA cfg, and it does eliminate the bug with KSPI installed. Not a solution, just identifying where the problem is. I don't think it's a problem with your mod Laz.
  4. After much trail and error, I have found which mod causes the SHERPA Core to behave weirdly. It is KSP Interstellar. I'm not entirely sure why it causes issues, but my guess would be that it's something to do with the solar panel on the SHERPA. KSP Interstellar adds WasteHeat to solar panels usually, so maybe the problem is there?
  5. That bug seems to occur with the .craft file "LT SpaceX Dragon 2". If you build it yourself, or if you remove the probes from the Dragon 2 Trunk Adapter/Decoupler, it fixes that problem. @LazarusLuan, thanks for update. Really love this mod
  6. Thank you sir, you are a legend. Merry Xmas
  7. This is a great idea, and it's looking really good.. I look forward to seeing this progress.
  8. I really love the work you have done on this command pod. It looks fantastic
  9. Maybe you have installed it incorrectly? It works perfectly here with more than 20 mods installed.
  10. Looks great, I'll be looking forward to this one
  11. Love the new version Chris. I also have the trouble with adjusting the deployment altitude tweakable. Is there a fine control for adjusting tweakables that anyone knows of?