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  1. Are procedural wings that act like control surfaces in the works? Some big elevators or canards for MKIII planes would be great! Edit: nvm i learned to read
  2. I was also excited to see some new images. But I guess we're close enough to 0.90 that it doesn't make much difference now.
  3. I'm sure I speak for a large portion of the community when I say I would like to see the MKIII parts.
  4. Have you thought about what the ramp would be like (if you plan one)? Although it's not really necessary given you could just lower the rear gear, it would be something I would make great use of.
  5. Would something like this be within the scope of this project? I imagine a tail ramp like this would make the MKIV system a mainstay in my KSP. Also I would just like to express how much I am looking forward to seeing this project complete.
  6. That looks awesome. The fairing I mean is the fairing covering the command module, which is bell shaped in SDHI. I just think it would be good to have an alternative, angular version.
  7. I think perhaps the throat could stand to be a little shorter, just for aesthetics. Would a conical fairing for the crew module be within the purview of of this mod? Because I would love to see that added.
  8. I, for one, am a big fan of your textures so far. I cannot wait to see these parts in their final form!
  9. Very inventive use of Fairing Factory. You're clearly done your research on the Saturn V.
  10. ULYSSES MKII The Ulysses MKII is a 3-stage-to-orbit medium-lift rocket capable of lifting a payload of more than 18t to a 120,000m orbit. The Ulysses MKII is a simplistic, basic design and fills a variety of roles. The frequent use of the Ulysses as a shuttle to stations in LKO has proven its reliability and stability. With a payload ratio of 1:6, the Ulysses is an economic option for most orbital procedures. Despite its common use as a shuttle, the MKII lives up to its multi-role reputation by lifting small stations, unmanned satellites and scientific equipment, amongst a wide range of possi
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