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  1. Thanks! It's certainly an rp-0 issue - I've got everything working now except avionics. One RO question though, I'm getting substantially more "vapour in the fuel lines" engine shutdowns with the aerobee than i remember, whenever i use the tiny Tim for instance the upper stage will not light, or if i ground light it it goes out on Sep...
  2. Hi, I originally posted this in the RO thread but think it may be linked to RP-0 - I've installed into ksp 1.2.2 using the mod spreadsheet linked in the RO thread. Everything seems fine except none of the probes show an avionics tonnage limit in their info tab and do not seem to be bound by avionics limits. I'm not sure if anyone has experienced similar issues? Thanks!
  3. I'm having an unusual issue - I've installed the mod as in the post above for 1.2.2, and it seems to be working fine. Only thing which is missing is the Avionics Tonnage Limits in probe core / capsule information pane. Is anyone else experiencing this issue at all? Thanks! EDIT: I think I'm being stupid and avionics may well be something which is added by rp-0. Since rp-0 isn't 1.2 compatible, it would explain the lack of tonnage limits. If this is the case, pls ignore my above post!
  4. Hey guys, I downloaded the realism overhaul & suggested mods, including this one. I'm having trouble getting it to load & I think its something to do with RSS. I get past the loading screen to the start menu bit, RSS starts to load in & I get as far as Tylo before it stops on "Add PQSMod_VertexHeightMap". I've left it about 20mins and it hasn't moved... Anyone got any ideas? EDIT: Don't worry... downloading lower res textrues made it work
  5. Thanks, but this is happening when ships are not performing a burn, i.e. at 0 thrust, with RCS & SAS off - so CoT & CoM are irrelevant in this case. I just put a probe core + 2 symetrical batteries up to double check, no RCS, no engines & it still span. In this case alt + x followed by f5 - f9 fixed the spin, so I guess it must just be a trimming issue?
  6. I tried the alt + x fix, seemed to work on some craft but not others. Other times quick saving then loading fixed it, or a combination of both. Some of my craft spin even after all these fixes. Centre of mass shouldn't be an issue, as they are not burning so there should be no forces acting upon them. I think I might just clean install KSP and mods, maybe something got screwed up.
  7. Would that be alt+x in space or in VAB? Cheers for the reply.
  8. My issue is that all my craft will spin right (as if holding d down) while in space despite SAS & engines being off. I read that this can happen due to part clipping, but to my knowledge there is no accidental clipping in my ships. Craft will spin whether I have SAS on or off, if I'm trying to do a burn, I have to manually hold the ship in place with RCS. I have FAR & RemoteTech installed. Anyone else seen this issue? Cheers.