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  1. So i havent played ksp for while so i wanted to share Also i add mods that i used The bug was cause by non exploded decupler and derbis from square box chasse for got the name sorry I try and add link to my craft. Its the Decoupler and square chase box that survived after the impact that caused bug.after i collected them money bug stopped adding money. The craft was all stock no mods. I added mods only to see DV and planet shine. P.S. Anyone know where can i add crafts ?
  2. Waiting for staff to check my ticket on train
  3. So Excited can't wait So i can prepare My SSD for mods
  4. Yea still, every devnote it's worth to wait
  5. Waiting for dev notes for today but still not up .
  6. Will it fix antenna mit transfer problem because wiki stats of antenna transfer is different numbers.
  7. Here comes 1.0 Waiting impatiently Im so excited