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  1. So i havent played ksp for while so i wanted to share Also i add mods that i used The bug was cause by non exploded decupler and derbis from square box chasse for got the name sorry I try and add link to my craft. Its the Decoupler and square chase box that survived after the impact that caused bug.after i collected them money bug stopped adding money. The craft was all stock no mods. I added mods only to see DV and planet shine. P.S. Anyone know where can i add crafts ?
  2. Waiting for staff to check my ticket on train
  3. So Excited can't wait So i can prepare My SSD for mods
  4. Yea still, every devnote it's worth to wait
  5. Waiting for dev notes for today but still not up .
  6. Will it fix antenna mit transfer problem because wiki stats of antenna transfer is different numbers.
  7. Here comes 1.0 Waiting impatiently Im so excited
  8. True. It is cool and people who play around with RemoteTech will love it . - - - Updated - - - First Probe then we can think about launcher. First i want to see it in default stock game of KSP. - - - Updated - - - You mean shine some details of the Horizons mod <<< or ? - - - Updated - - - Complacently agree with you i just wanted to see what ksp community thinks first.
  9. Hi i have noticed that there is no Horizons Mod. I'm sure ksp community know what is Horizons. And finally it's 2015 and it's awake from it's sleep back in January and on it's mission to send back more data from Pluto and Kuiper belt Since Soonâ„¢ will be KSP 1.00 would be nice to see new Probe out there ? Front Back Post your comment and your thoughts below Post your comment and your thoughts below
  10. How i can remove some files from real solar system folder so it's back to Stock size ? Because one of the mod added solar system folder but when i updated now and planets aren't stock size ? Help!
  11. If anyone Finds Incorrect way-point, report here to help out fix it.
  12. Hi so i read thought the posts from and it doesn't mention if KSC ++ is compatible with new update 0.25 ?
  13. Will this work on 0.25 because auto update Mod is really required now and in future .
  14. Keep up the good work mods are not to many never and especially good mods that are updated and don't die in forum.
  15. Ha i didn't know that well now i know i join there to.
  16. Hi, so i wanted to know who else is playing ksp on steam. 0.25 came out and new Thread. So we could write down our User names from Steam so we can add each other on Steam Let's make our community bigger. Thank you. RenatsMC