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  1. Guys, I'm going to assume you've made quite a few changes to the tournament since I've been here. I've been caught up in school and stuff so I apologize for not being able to keep the OP up to date. If someone could PM me a list of changes I need to make to the OP, or simply something I can copy and paste into it, that would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Again if any of you missed it, if you need me to edit the OP PM me. I don't really have time to go through the thread. Thanks
  3. Guys, school has recently started for me so I can't keep up with this thread. If there are any changes I need to make to the op please PM me.
  4. OK guys, I've been really busy so I won't be entering the tournament, but can someone give me a list of all the points for the new items so I can add it to the OP?
  5. As far as I can tell, it was kinda implied that one set of the jets (either RAPIER or RamJet) would be turned off, but I don't see anywhere it explicitly said which ones. Maybe I missed it tho? That might have been it. I thought it was implied as well. We had established no engine clipping, so...
  6. No I'm fairly certain we established that the RAPIERS would be disabled. Maybe you missed that post
  7. This tournament is taking a really long time... The last one took an afternoon...
  8. Hopefully. Also, if the Hobgoblin wins, it fights my Blizzard. We have a sort of rivalry. We did some unofficial matches and he won the first, I fixed up my plane, won the second... and this will be the tie breaker Unfortunately I submitted my older version of the Blizzard, and not the Blizzard II, so lol
  9. The problem is that the new update doesn't have working AI. We might need to use the old version for this.
  10. My older Blizzard has defeated previous versions of the Hobgoblin, 3 engines makes it fast but it was less maneuverable - - - Updated - - - Wait, I submitted my old Blizzards? RIP.
  11. Yeah I'm not sure I like the shielding concept. It's kinda exploiting BDarmory's mechanics Radiators could be ok. I'm not at my PC so I'm not sure how the function
  12. Well for starters, it's 21 tons. I can't download it, but can you post pictures? Also, put the gear right behind the CoM.
  13. They'd all fit in great. Danger Zone is a must, this whole challenge is based off of "Top Gun", Ace Combat Zero is a game about shooting planes, so the music is fitting... I'm not sure what you're looking for.
  14. I'd rather just have a no wing spamming rule. More than 2 main wings are fine, if it's like a biplane or whatever, but if it's spammy, then no
  15. Increase GAU 8 cost and decrease Vulcan cost. I was too lazy to quote you guys
  16. Danger zone. Top Gun Anthem Mighty Wings Ace Combat Zero soundtrack songs
  17. Okay. I'm thinking a general no wing spamming rule, and then the 8 control surfaces rule. No RCS I can agree with.
  18. Yeah my designs just turn like crap, stall really easily during turns and disassemble quite a lot at any speed above Mach 1. I can get the speed part down though.
  19. I don't want to do that, because I'm fine with a lot of wings as long as it's done in a creative way. I'm cool with biplanes, intricate wing designs, just not spamming the wings in a non creative and boring manner.
  20. Oh I've been playing for 3 years, I get the basics, and can build great in stock. Every time I build a plane with FAR I try to make the wave drag really low, and I can, but my planes fly like crap. I'm just bad at this I think, lol
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