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  1. Whenever you start a countdown, you always end with "ignition, we have liftoff".
  2. Assuming we have the age-old standing of "you can't wish for more wishes", The ability to wish for more wishes More wishes I'd have the exact amount of money in my pocket for all purchases I make.
  3. I would say "GET ME OFF THIS RED ROCK!!!" I think cabin(or capsule) fever would have broken me by then.
  4. Has anypony seen this yet? <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  5. Holy crap, this guy may (or may not) be onto something. After all, the Kermans in the teaser were speaking reverse-Mexican.
  6. That's not exactly true. I could have a highly fuel efficient ship that has a massive amount of delta-v, but not enough thrust to get out of the atmosphere. You need a thrust-to-weight ratio greater than 1, and 4000-5000 delta-v to enter LKO. That determines the payload you can carry up there.
  7. The space station Neil Armstrong sitting at 1,000,000m above Kerbin. RIP
  8. That...or someone pasted Kerman profiles into the NASA 3D spacecraft program. (Can't remember its name, can watch every NASA prboe, satellite, etc.)
  9. This person plays KSP. And Sbowyer28, here's a morse code translator.
  10. I had a similar mishap. Realized too late that my lander was careening towards the side of a mountain, and slowed down just enough for the command pod to survive. Luckily I had a space station orbiting above my position. I fueled up my Kermans' packs, intercepted my space station one by one, and returned to Kerbin.