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  1. I keep running into an issue with this mod with version 1.6.2 where on game load it constantly hangs on loading the rapier engine and refuses to go any further. Removing AJE solves the problem and the game loads fine ( 1.6.1 also will load fine ). Output Log
  2. Negative both tests I did had the debugger off and last time I used trim was before the change to sas ( god did I HATE asas).I'll also do a test with logs and vid on the difference with 5.2 and 5.3.1 will take me about an hour with how slow time warner uploads to youtube. Edit: After doing the 5.3.1 test you may have been right with me bumping a trim button since it settled correctly so the only persistant issue I'm seeing is that parts are melting off when they should be shielded.
  3. That might be why I lost all of my US stuff on my very first sucessful test ( tho my cute thats hiding behind a clampotron jr was spared while the US stuff is below the DP,cute and Pod.)
  4. Taking DRE off makes the craft go shield first entire way down where as with the new DRE ( 5.2 didn't behave this way) has it wanting to go docking port first till below 30km. Craft File This is how the testing I did went dropping the ship from 70km @ pitch 60 heading 270 No Dre: craft begins to go retrograde near the 65km mark and except for some bobbing holds that point entire way down building up a slight rotation ( which is by design) DRE 5.2: Exactly the same as no DRE. DRE 5.3 w/Fixes: Craft begins to go prograde right around the 62km marker requiring control input and sas to hold retrograde.Just under 30km craft will hold retrograde on its own but will start developing a hard rotation on its own. All these tests were done with FAR because I refuse to fly with squads default soup atmosphere.
  5. Would that also be why my craft wants to flip on its head till about 28-25km then it settles and wants to go shield first? Doesn't bother me it wants to do that since SAS corrects it with little trouble but was a behavior this ship didn't have in 5.2.
  6. Yup always do a clean install when I update a mod so the CFG is the one that comes with the download
  7. Works now lost both of my US fuel cells and one monotank ( lost other on way down) and burnt thru my entire shield on reentry using same test that I posted before.
  8. I just tried Nathan's fixed version + starwasters CFG edit and can confirm the heat isn't building up at all. Ran a test with DREs debugger up and heres the log and video ( when its up anyways) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwYzqg0314S0QTZqUlEyTXZscDA/view?usp=sharing Video One thing to note only diff between this test and my last 3 is the craft needed SAS on the way down since it now wanted to flip nose first ( when its designed to be aerodynamicly stable going HS first).
  9. No change same altitude for temp plateau still never saw the reg temp break freezing till 1200m. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwYzqg0314S0XzFoYmNEeTdpdGc/view?usp=sharing edit: Encoding the video of my test and will post a link here soon as I got it up on youtube. This is also the order of events that I did to my game from yesterday to today ( yesterday other than out of memory errors on long sessions worked like it should). Updated Real Fuels and DRE also changed MM file from 2.4.4 to the 2.4.5 one included with DRE now DRE is going nuts which leads me to believe its either a bug with the new version of DRE or MM. video http://youtu.be/Z-rSG_NnsIM
  10. Watching the fraps video I made of that run ( FYI cooking and attempting to fly a rocket at the same time doesn't work out very well) the only times the temps went over freezing was Ambient spiked at 2c @38km then ran quickly down to -58c and didn't break 0 again till 2200 when it jumped up to the normal 19c. Reg temp didn't break freezing till 1200m.
  11. Been having the exact same error heat shield doesn't really break the freezing mark till its floating down to the ground. Not using RSS on my end and alot of these mods I have that are now throwing errors weren't in the previous version. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwYzqg0314S0UDVudFBlOXlzT0U/edit?usp=sharing
  12. Hey Chris is it intentional that the RC chute parts have 0 cost to them and all there costs comes from chute size and materials used? Because right out of the gate it makes them far more cost effective than a MM modded stock chute that charges you for the part+size/materials for it ( not much of a cost but still a clear cost).
  13. Heres an idea to magico. Have a means of selling outdated parts from your inventory to get some funds back from it ( even at 25-50% rate anything would be nice). Take for example I have a ton of the 1 man pods laying around and I'm now far enough into the tech tree the odds of me using any are almost nil. Would be nice to get a small amount of money back for those since I won't be using them ( and my OCD won't drive me bananas seeing 50+ parts I won't ever use).
  14. Well if you need another bug checker to make sure flight school and .24 are bug free for the main release I'm willing to beta test it.