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  1. Hmmm, that's what I thought too... roughly how big of a band am I looking for? I wonder if I just jumped over it...
  2. It seems like the config file says there should be a 100% chance for Karborundum to be around Kerbol, but is there a reason it might not be there at all? Or a way to somehow peak at the distribution map for a given seed? I ask because I built a Kerbol collector setup, went to put it into orbit, but couldn't find Karborundum anywhere around the sun. I ended up using hyperedit with the scanner and stepping away from the sun in 50Mm increments all the way to 15Gm, and I couldn't find anything. I thought my game was broken, so I loaded up a fresh install with just K+, the CRP, ModuleManage
  3. I don't suppose there's an easy way to reactivate the overheating part code and recompile is there? Because I think I'm still experiencing the bug. I described it here; https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/51pnah/station_suddenly_being_destroyed_on_docking/ Not sure what is going on but trying to find other people with a similar problem led me to here, just thought I'd ask.
  4. I'm running a pretty heavily modded game at the moment, full USI suite, OPM, another system based on kopernicus, bunch of other stuff, but I've been getting an error sometimes on switching between the tracking station and the center scenes. Not sure if it's a Custom Asteroids issue or one of the mods, but I thought I'd post it and ask. Here's a pic: I've got asteroids in kerbin orbits as well as the trans jool ones so they're definitely showing up otherwise. That error was just a bit wonky. Thanks.
  5. I'm having a weird bug where I made a crane, and any time I have something picked up, either with the electromagnet or the grappling hook, if I have to quickload (meaning, I tipped it over and it blew up, hehe) it automatically drops the payload which disappears into oblivion. In the case of the grappling hooks, they also apparently detach and disappear with it. The electromagnets stay attached fine tho. Don't suppose anybody has any experience with this or how to fix it? Here's what I'm doing: http://i.imgur.com/AfQUCH6.png http://i.imgur.com/K3f6B4n.png
  6. Thanks for your continued work on this, its a nice low overhead way to add alot of gameplay Maybe just add one line in the OP that this was previously called PFR for a few weeks, just so idiots like me don't spend five minutes trying to figure out if its the same thing or not hehe - - - Updated - - - Just to add to what Augustus said, while you can do that if you want specific chances of finding things, RoverDude actually set it up so every planet has a random chance of whatever materials by default. The only resource for which thats not true is Karborundum from K+, karbonite and all the ot
  7. How did I not know about this?! I love you, and my efforts at deploying 6-8 satellites at a time loves you.
  8. Kloning occurs instantaneously. For the Kuddle Shack I'd like to have a delay built in, I don't know if 3 months sounds ridiculous - based on relative size to humans/gestation rates. That'd be pretty nifty. Then have a training school where you can specialize their role. There's actually settings for both Tourist and Civilian in the kerbal's info. I'm not sure what it does/if its implemented at all, but it'd be fun to build them out and have infrastructure required. Say X number of civilians to support a base of Y size... now that I think about it, that'd be pretty damn nifty and not ha
  9. Edit: New version is up, branded it with MKS/OKS. Also, increasing the resources sounds good to me, tbh. I wasn't sure what a good place to start with is, but thats about what it a lone kerbal and aeropod will make in roughly two weeks. The ResourceMods.cfg file is already setup for it and can easily be changed to whatever. Either way tho, feel free to use it however you'd like
  10. Thats a good question, I haven't tried it yet on a non-upgraded one. I wonder how it handles rescue missions too for that matter. Hehehe, I was thinking the same thing for the Kuddle Shack, but honestly, I find TextureReplacer's female name recognition isn't great (not it's fault, just the nature of names obviously). But since you can't even have females without using TR *finger wag at Squad*, I was going to have a requirement of two kerbals but not do anything further for the ease of use. Maybe a better option would be to have a built in way to name the Kerbals when they're... produced. T
  11. Great idea, definitely going to add them! Good call, I'll start goofing around with it today, thanks.
  12. Check out: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/96011-WIP-Advanced-Mining-Technologies Its nifty
  13. Yup, should be able to. I was actually thinking of asking RoverDude if I could mod the texture for the BioLab for this - that was what I had in mind when I made it. Good idea about the tech progression, I'll look into it!
  14. Kerbthulhu Kinetics Program's MoarKerbals This is a fairly simple mod that adds two parts, an orbital station and ground station Klone Bay, that lets you klone your kerbals. There's a small chance that an accident can happen - this is experimental technology after all You can disable accidents or change the requirements in the part's .cfg file if you want, or just save before operating. It requires a large amount of electricity to operate, and I always play with Roverdude's MKS and TAC's Life Support, so it automatically integrates with them to require Biomass or other materials. Also, I i
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