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  1. I would rather have more interesting planets and weather before new GPs
  2. Banned for being out of rockets.
  3. Well done Squad, you are inching closer to the full release.
  4. You could get the SCANsart mod which lets map different planets and get extra SCIENCE as well.
  5. I really hope Dres becomes more interesting soon, it really shouldn't be the least favourite of all.
  6. Banned for using faux Cyrillic in your Sig.
  7. -7 getting there! Progress is being made.
  8. My first flight was from Antalya to Istanbul (both in Turkey) when I was less than a year old. Now I fly at least a dozen times each year.
  9. I have exactly 100 points left until I get my first bar.
  10. Banned for joining at the same time as me.
  11. Granted, but no one understands you because you use extremely obscure words. I wish I had 100 posts.
  12. I think you forgot to add the $50 required every time a new update comes out.
  13. Banned for using brackets.(and small text)
  14. My favourite has to be Duna.