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  1. or you know, forget about loading another patch, (i think im up to 6,000) and just delete the solarpanels.cfg
  2. if solar panels are your only problems with using the mod, simply remove the solarPanels.cfg as this is the one that adds the tracking for multiple stars
  3. yeah i couldnt get it to work, i reverted back to the september 9th version from github like the others guys said in here and it works like the old way, theres a manage operations button in the VAB and you can load experiments that way (the way it talks about in the kspedia)
  4. preface: ok, i think i broke something, but i dont know the base normal function of the mod to compare against... question: how does LDEF and MOLE lab time generation happen? i think from what ive read loading experiments into the lab modules is deprecated infavor of a new way? do i have that right? the new way being the labs just generate lab time with a scientist in em right in the field?
  5. at a rudimentary glance nothing looks out of place in the defs (i dont use science revisited revisited), on a side note i downloaded [x]science to test their new alerting system and that picks up all the biome changes (however its laggy as hell during biome switches, which is even more annoying than not getting auto alerted)
  6. i'll throw in that i am able to reproduce science alert not catching and updating alerts based on biome changes, im trying to play around to see if its specific part based or not, total conjecture makes me think materials bays and goo containers are fine but crew and pressure/temp are not registering across biomes - will look into it more
  7. hey guys, i seem to be running into an issue with 2500m flight contract and checked back six pages but couldnt find an answer - i cant get the line item for complete all preflight checks to complete, all three subtasks will complete fine but it doesnt seem to roll up to the parent - stationary, checklist, and request takeoff complete fine, but no all pre flight checks, seems like other contracts roll up to complete than fine, for instance barnstorming worked well and completes fine - am i missing something
  8. Yup, that was it, thanks man - i guess i was confused after reading that it was included in the OP, i assumed this to mean included in this download, but not there when i checked
  9. some of the parts arent recognizing the science portion of your parts config file for me - i'm taking a look at them and confused why some work and others dont, things like magnetometers and RPWS are fine, but things like DUST and electrostatic and the scoop arent working... it looks like part configs with DMModuleScienceAnimate are working but things using DMModuleScienceAnimateGeneric are not what am i missing? whad i break? my latest dMagic is from the 21st (i downloaded on the 21st)
  10. throw me on the bandwagon for stock balance by default - real world balance in a stock environment tends to make things OP - agreed with Daishi that people will ModuleManage this to be real stats anyway if they are deep in RSS/RO - i guess if you feel you can pre-make that RSS/RO config and let people know about it in any top thread post
  11. wow i havent picked up kerbal or visited the forums for like a year or so and immediately had to come here to check out whats been going on, and i must say i'm pretty excited to see this coming together, great to have you back daishi
  12. having problems getting the GUI to pop up, but the stuttering is worse for me, uniform in timescale, but worse
  13. @bdleitner - take CKAN out of the equation and see what happens
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