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  1. So... yeah. Doing a bit of research for a possible story I'm writing. A human medical student from the modern age finds himself in a stone-age society, trying to deal with an infection that is wiping out the populous. I have it figured out, generally, how he can solve the dilemma, but I want to push human ingenuity to the max here. What kind of equipment could be built that would be analogous to a modern med-lab? Yes, I'm assuming a "tech tree" could be involved here; if something had to be constructed for rudimentary fabrication, that's fine, but there are only a couple of months available in
  2. Aren't silicates still the biggest problem facing the colonization of Mars? That stuff effects lungs the same way eating glass affects the digestive tract. Even assuming life in domes, and using suits while taking as many safety measures as possible, Mars has regular dust storms, and if any of that finds its way into the living space, either by air currents or on the soles of boots, it'll lead to you having a very short and painful life. We're not even sure where Earth's nitrogen came from, aside from a possibility that it arrived via meteorites, or even Jupiter at a time when it had a
  3. A lot of this tech would have a lot more uses than just weaponry though. And if someone has been hotrodding around with these things for decades, with enough plausible deniability that it still can't be proven to exist, then we could just as easily shovel resources into cementing our position at key strategic locations in space without anybody being the wiser. And if the information was declassified with a fleet already prepared to go, it would still give us more than enough of a headstart to capitalize on it before any other nations could replicate and get a project off the ground. It's also
  4. This has to be a joke. One of the most famous UFO sighting designs from the 80's & 90's? And yet the semi top-secret X-37B is only using conventional motors? Sorry... if we had that technology there would be far more reasons to release it and revolutionize our infrastructure "Where we're going, we don't need roads" rather than just keep it as a plaything for a handful of Illuminati wannabes. We would be out mining asteroids and the moon; clinching the market on rare earth metals and bringing back the "glory days" of the mid-century U.S. economy.
  5. I'm looking for anything that will allow for good machinima creation. Things like the ability to record a mission and then play it back while observing from a different "camera." A "zoom" camera to grab footage of a blastoff as if viewed from the planet surface, like the kind of shots we see in live coverage of a rocket launch. A way to ride "shotgun" near a vessel as it executes maneuvers, staying relative to its movement but still allowing slow pans past it? Any utility that could aid in making cinematic scenes with no trace of the UI. Have things like this been done?
  6. Making Kerbin's radius smaller results in the space center sliding along the surface. Going in one direction, rubberbanding back, rinse and repeat. Troubleshooting the problem visually isn't exactly practical since due to this error, I am unable to launch. Not sure if the game thinks I'm underwater or what. Radius was the only thing I changed.
  7. Actually if something like that were going to happen at all, it would happen from a drop in pressure. High pressure would probably result in smaller eyes. Though high pressure in general allows for overall larger bodies if there's more oxygen... this is why dinosaurs (and pretty much everything else from that era) were enormous. Though science already showed that low pressure sucking eyeballs out wouldn't happen, even if you were in space and popped your helmet. I did wonder though if their eyes were so huge to compensate for low light during their stone age. Compared to our own moon, Mun h
  8. When a Coyote actually manages to eat a Roadrunner, he turns into a Kerbal.
  9. Well, alright... I feel like an idiot. Where's the most exhaustive and comprehensive source for learning how to use this? So many questions but I see so little documentation. I want to use textures for color and heightmap but no indication of how. Nothing about 'where' on Kerbol the launchpad would appear on a 2D map to ensure it isn't buried in mountains. I don't even see anything about how to load the maps for a world. So much potential, nothing explained at all beyond the examples, but looking at them, there seems to be a LOT that is still missing to paint the complete picture of how this w
  10. This might be one of those no-brainers that is actually REALLY easy to make sense of but hey, it's late at night, and this is a conundrum I never really thought about before, and the more I tried to wrap my brain around it, the more I felt like the most accurate analogy was similar to trying to draw a picture of a black hole... but since we can't perceive curved space, all we can do is draw something similar, that of a 3D object influencing 2D space (classic funnel diagram). So I was thinking specifically about radio waves, but a wave at any part of the light spectrum will do. I presume the be
  11. I used to build 3D models using Legos and then "copied" the design in my computer back when I was playing with early-era CGI software. I just found it SO much easier to come up with cool ships that way. Also... I have just as much of a fetish for the late 70's/early 80's space series as the astronaut from the Lego Movie. They really need to bring that stuff back.
  12. Not just them, but if we're talking about an alternate evolution, I wonder what impact this would have on everyone's perception of time. If the rising and falling of the sun was the minute hand, then surely the moon was the hour hand. And how much longer would it have taken to conceive the idea of a heliocentric system comprised of orbiting spheres?
  13. Can this be used to customize controlled walking animations or will it only work for typical "one-shot" emotes?
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