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  1. I was having a small issue with duna-apollo mission 1. Specifically that it was a 45 day duration contract. Which meant i would have to accept the contract in flight already to have a prayer of finishing it. Are the durations random?
  2. Just wanted to pop in (which i rarely do) and say thanks for giving the fans of harder modes a bone this release. Playing without early SAS and large rockets and all the other features is making this playthrough a blast!
  3. Thanks to all the modders and coders who made this possible. Load time with ATM and DDS on stock install.. 41 seconds from the time i click the button until i get main menu sounds. This is simply amazing and keep up the good work!
  4. I agree with previous posters, if this gets fully fleshed out you are talking about near infinite content in multiplayer. Which would carry this game into the realm of minecraft amounts of THINGS to do.
  5. Sorry for my ignorance but what containers can i use to ship consumer goods back to kerbin?
  6. Does anyone know what multiplier i should give this to line up construction times with EPL? It seems weird right now that i can construct a ship faster off world than at home with all the resources of kerbal kind behind me.
  7. Target is definitely the mothership, just checked. Went to map mode and checked and all the ships have lines between them, even when the probe shuts down due to no connectivity. Yet somehow i cant control it.
  8. Is anyone having any issues with deploying satellites from a manned craft? The setup: KSC -> high kerbin orbit sat(dish) -> manned vehicle(dish + omni) -> newly deployed commsat(omni) as soon as i decouple the commsat i can fly and control it, however once i pass 2.5k away from manned craft i lose connection. It appears as though the manned craft isnt counted, or is blocking the signal as soon as it isnt physics loaded anymore. Thoughts?
  9. Thanks soo much, got out of the atmo! It took a 2 stage burn with winglets and srb on lower portion and liquid on top. Only small issue now is that the data recorder wont start, says max data is 100 and its activated but doesnt actually collect data edit: this is with the WAC Corporal Experiments.
  10. Read the FAQ, last few pages of posts and first few pages and couldnt find an answer or similar problem to this. I am having issues trying to land anywhere on "Earth" with a plane. Namely the wheels go through them and then the ship spontaneously explodes. It seems like there is a texture/collision mesh mismatch, but i may just be making things up from experience with other games. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  11. Hey guys, could someone help me with my very first mission with this mod? I cant seem to get the first probe up high enough to do any science without it blowing up, and i dont have the parts/control to slow it down or make it more aerodynamic yet. using stretchy srbs and set my initial TWR to 1.1 and still no dice. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Thanks to both of you for the help. Glad to know good logging is going on:-)
  13. Hey all, Im looking into the RastorPropManager Initialization failure when attempting to load up probe control room.(requires SCANSAT). What is the error usually indicitive of? Im fairly good with hunting down issues.. but the error is KINDA vague:-) Any help is appreciated.
  14. Sorry but i couldnt find anywhere in the thread that describes how to cancel a current ship building. Any pointers?