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  1. Now KSP gets interesting once more besides the tech tree. But just a curious question guys. . . . can any of you show/give tips on making an effective interplanetary satellite network? I've been toying with this since RT-1 was halted. . . if any o' you guys could shed some light onto this. . . that'd be great. Thanks in advance.
  2. This is something that's been greatly overlooked too by the developers. . . I really hope that they get to put more sound into the game. It really does bring an all-new level of "WOW" into it. I mean I've been using rovers all my time in KSP even before the science integration. . . and I swear to jeb I had the same smile he has when I heard those wheels turning on that vid. BUMP FOR THIS!
  3. Well then can you two gents above me tell me how to un-muffle the other sounds of the game? At first that sublte muffling as you go through the atmosphere was honestly quite a rush. . . I really felt immersed in the final stages of my ascent. But when I started to circularize. . . I also noticed the BGM was also muffled. . . and lol i felt quite alone even with Jeb and Gerfurt on LKO. But yeah if you guys could give precise instructions as to how to correct this. . . it'd be gladly appreciated. Still an awesome mod nonetheless. \m/
  4. The delta-V stats look good. The only mods I have that I think will have an impact on this are the thrust corrector and deadly re-entry mods, but that being said it'll only keep you from going faster. As for me. . . I'll be using them a lot. . . I like the looks and functionality. Keep up the good work dude, hope to see more. http://imgur.com/a/rFBHF
  5. Wow, they look good. Nice choice of colors. Now . . . lemme see what I can do with them.
  6. Great docking autopilot. It's extremely fuel-efficient unlike the previous versions, really nice.
  7. A little off-topic, but I still feel it's got enough reason to post here. Who knew that the Salyut would make a cool-looking base module?
  8. I suggest making a whole ship in the VAB, dissecting them again, sending the new subassemblies into orbit, and construct the ship from there. at least you won't have to worry about gravity ruining your ship. . . and of course making things in an endless dark void with a slight chance of turning into dust is always fun. And if you want me to make launchers for you, don't hesitate. I've been thinking of something to do on KSP these past few weeks. . . I'm kinda bored.
  9. Sir I do believe that you science a lot. xD Nice charts though, very well-done.
  10. Well I think a precise tutorial on planetary transfers and hohmann transfers to their moons would be nice. And if possible, with the re-entry plugin installed as well, to provide an even better understanding of how and what to do to properly execute theses transfers. I've always had a problem with aerobraking on Jool, I feel that it's more efficient compared to doing a braking burn when you get to the periapsis of Jool's SOI.
  11. Just you wait. . . I wanna join this challenge. >:3
  12. Bobcat's Soyuz ships = best station service modules ever!
  13. I'll be coming up with a Soyuz-style launcher for you guys. . . using a bit o' mods though to fit more nicely with the ultra-clean 210s. But for now. . . I gotta sleep. My mom's gonna kill me if she hears a rocket launch.
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