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  1. So I'm trying to get restock's version of the mainsail to replace the 1.9 update's version. I tried adding the new mainsail to Restock's blacklist cfg, but that didn't take. Is there a file which tells which restock parts to replace which stock parts that I can edit? Sorry if this has been asked before.
  2. If I install this mod while I have a stock station contract active, will that contract be effected?
  3. I didn't know the rescaling thing was an option. I'll keep that in mind! I guess my dream for a zeppelin mod is complete modularity, kind of like how we have with airplane wings, but with airship frames. My ideas for airship designs are a bit broader than the classic cigar profile, but I understand if that's outside your design scope for this mod. If I want to do what I want to do, I'd probably have better luck making a mod myself
  4. Is it possible to make larger diameter parts? Like in the 15-20m range, or even larger? I just looked up the stats on the Hindenburg, which wasn't even the largest airship ever built, and it was 40 meters in diameter. I think including some different form factors would add a lot of variety to this part pack
  5. About the landing, I dunno how you expect to keep those rudders on the bottom. It's a cool idea, but between reentry and the tarmac I don't expect them to survive
  6. Hmm... I wonder if there's a way to make the launch stack more efficient. Ya got a lot of engines on the bottom there. You could probably switch those out for mainsails and SRBs. Might be cheaper/more efficient.
  7. That's pretty slick, my dude. Love the lines, and that tail looks really unique! Can we get some closer pictures of the craft?
  8. So I won't get to play KSP for another month or so, but I can't stop making plans for when I get back. Knowing that these parts don't explode when they're clipped together is good. I'm looking forward to making custom airframes. Quick question, though. What's the lifting force of these parts? If I clipped three or four full airship frames together into one super-airship, how much weight could I hang off the bottom?
  9. Well, I was running the Stock Visual Enhancement suite, which is SVE (stock visual enhancements), EVE (Environmental Visual Enhancements), Scatterer, and SVT (Stock Visual Terrain). It's a great little content pack, makes everything look real pretty. The station itself is stock, and like I said, it was in a 64k save, which makes the solar system 6.4 times larger than stock, for the added challenge.
  10. All of it! The Stock Visual Enhancement suite (EVE, Scatterer, SVE, SVT) makes a great addition to both stock and 64k games. Brings a certain amount of life to the game. I've noticed that SVE clouds appear really high up in 64k, like 30 or 40 km. It's a little distracting, but other than that, the whole package is great.
  11. Yeah, aside from the higher ground texture detail, that's the main feature of Stock Visual Terrain. Big rocks that you can actually interact with. It's a simple change, but it brings a lot of depth to surface missions.
  12. Today I flew my last mission before returning to school. It's going to be a couple months before I can play again, so I decided to do something simple yet fulfilling, a 64k Mun mission. Snowy Egret enters final landing phase at 30km Bill and Jeb enjoying the view Stock Visual Terrain makes for some pretty big rocks This was a fun final mission. I really love the landing site, which I've dubbed Transcendence Crater. It was a nice sendoff!
  13. Framerate actually isn't much of an issue up there! I've got a pretty powerful rig, even if it's getting kind of old. I don't have a way to check framerate, but the ingame clock bounces between yellow and green, so it's doing okay. Right now it's at about 400 parts, but I used KIS to pull off more than 100 extra parts, the RCS ports, struts, and the reboost engines. The panels went into orbit like this: That was probably the most difficult part of that build. The fairing caused a lot of drag, and the launch got hairy when the payload started wobbling. I had planned to auton
  14. After a difficult nighttime rendezvous, the last five modules of Nanba Station have been installed. 64k is a lot more fun than I ever expected!
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