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  1. Thanks, I spent at least 10 mins just looking to make sure I hadn't just missed it.
  2. Am I just being an idiot, or is there no download link? I see the Double-Nerva link, but not the FTMN link.
  3. Looks helpful, but my anti-virus freaks out whenever I try to dl.
  4. Ok, new DL of 0.2.0, fresh rover design, wheels in X configuration (as they were in the LWB verison of my previous post), getting the exact same results as before. What am I doing wrong? Edit: Ah, the wheels are rotated 90 degrees from what they should be, interesting, but it works now.
  5. Alright, fresh DL, it worked, I don't know why the old one didn't work, I didn't do anything different. *sigh*
  6. Sure, naturally I see this just as my KSP loads up (without the mod loaded). Not to mention a 15 min loading time. Here it is, in all 4 wheel configurations: http://imgur.com/a/gi5UY
  7. Hmmm, I found that increasing the city size, maxSplit, and splitPasses by a factor of 10 causes my computer to completely die at 3-4 fps. Noted.
  8. This mod seems to have been overshadowed by KMP (because it came out first), but I still want to see the comparison between the two. Mainly because I can't get KMP to work properly.
  9. Path is C:/CLGames/KSP.22/GameData/Romfarer/romfarer.dll, just as it came in the download, I put it right in Gamedata after DL. It's just the romfarer.dll and the sunbeam lazor plugins. My OS is Windows 8 Pro KSP .22, Lazor system V31 output log is here: http://pastebin.com/16uBm5fK Edit: Apparently Google Chrome thinks that my output log is in Romanian. LOL
  10. Yes, it didn't help any. It's still not working.
  11. I'm having an issue with the Dune Raider rover. Anytime I make a rover with the DR wheels, the wheels just seem to fall through the runway (stopped by the body) and provide no grip. If I manage to get it off the runway (Sepratrons FTW), it does the super bounce glitch (not really super, just enough to keep it bouncing up and down a few meters until it flips upside-down). This is a slight deterrent to its would-be pilots who end up upside-down, unable to exit the vehicle.
  12. Well, yes. All of the parts load in correctly, but trying to turn them on does nothing. I don't even get the settings menu at the space center screen. This makes me think that the plugin is derping out, but the filepath is correct (I think).
  13. I love the parts in these mods, but they seem to kill my RAM. Adding all the mods from this thread added 1.2 Gb to my RAM usage, at 1/4 textures. I wish it was a bit less memory heavy, but it's still awesome. The PDE is used in a SSTO I'm developing, and the Ramjet works well as an interstellar drive. The ramjet also lights up the planet-side on map view, really cool to look at.
  14. Any news on this? I don't get any GUI's popping up, and trying to turn on the lazor module in-game does nothing. I don't even get the menu at the Space Center. The Romfarer folder is in gamedata, as it should be.
  15. This is pretty interesting, but I don't really see a use for this. Cool nonetheless.
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