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  1. Wow... Thanks for this awesome potable mün base thing, really helpful...and now I know how to get a mun bass to the mün, I always wondered how people did that, again thank you, you are awesome
  2. Banned for thinking it is a great idea to destroy a junkyard, one man's trash is an other man's trekasure
  3. This mod makes my planes look better, and was some how easier to control, 10/10
  4. Yeah, you have a point, and think of how pretty kerbin would look like with the town lights shining across the continents
  5. Yes, this game must be the most beutiful game ever created
  6. All that I can say, is thank you, not only did I got to go to the mün is this great rocket, but teached me to make more succesful mün rockets
  7. well, if you must know, when I took off from the moon, ready to head back to kerbin, some huge moutain decided to INJURY THE KERBALS, BY STANDING ON MY WAY, WHEN I WENT FULL THROTTEL, HORIZONTAL TO GET INTO AN ORBIT...but no, the kerbals are apperently immortal, stood out from the pod, they were not leaping,looked like they didn't even stub their toe...
  8. my satelitte hit some unknowed debris, then fell back to kerbin to it's death...