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  1. I feel like they could have at least came out and said something before hand so were at least were a little less disappointed
  2. I feel like an idiot, i've been spending the last while trying to figure out why you're mod wasn't working properly...turns out if you have SAS on it wont work . Now that I have it working this is a godsend, thank you for making this mod
  3. It's already been over three years since the curiosity rover landed!? We're has time gone?
  4. Are you sure you're laptop isn't in power saving mode?
  5. For me asteroids just keep on going when there in the atmosphere and wont slow down, anyone else having this problem?
  6. Umm... There aren't any embargoes you know, YouTubers are allowed to show off the update once they receive it
  7. Your internet is 200 times faster than mine
  8. This is the best possible internet I can get were I live , I really can't wait to move out
  9. Ahh, thanks that was the problem, also congratulations pokjet
  10. The cargo bays won't open or close for me, does anyone know why? Im using raster prop monitor, mechjeb, scan sat,environmental visual enhancements and time controll
  11. Your lucky its going to take me two and a half hours to download it...I really hate living out of town :'(
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