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  1. I'll be making airplanes and doing other challenges people suggest! I want to learn how to make cargo doors, so I'm waiting on that one.
  2. This was the Mk III version of my Mk IV plane - I was able to use a spaceplane to get a full NASA tank to space (with video ) Took fooooreeeever. Gonna stick to smaller space planes from now on...
  3. I just like the idea of bay doors on a flying plane, hahaha. I use the wheels to the plane and the leanback trick too! It's funny how everyone comes up with similar solutions I just wanted a cool opening and closing stock door
  4. Hey everyone, I am working on this myself right now, but basically I want to see who can come up with a modular cargo door/ramp (meaning it can fit in big or small cargo holds) that would be used in the back of a Space Plane to drive cargo into the cargo hold. Who's up for it? Must be useable (go up and down, both before and after use) on Kerbin and Laythe at the minimum! Points: 1 Point Per Ton of vehicle that can drive on the cargo door/ramp into a higher position the height of AT LEAST a standard landing gear. The door must work after. 20 points if under 20 parts 10 points if under 40 parts 5 points if under 50 parts 10 points if it does not use fuel (battery is ok) 10 points if it works in space RULES: Stock Only No debug menu cheating, only what you can do if you open KSP and get working right away. Lighter weight designs preferred, BUT will not be given points because larger designs may inherently be heavier, and I want to see the creativity for more than just a tiny cargo door. Post some videos once you get it working as well! Good luck. I am struggling haha
  5. This. Before the change, the ABSOLUTE BEST I got was a monstrosity of 780 tons With this new patch, a 2k ton payload seems almost like child's play...
  6. This isn't doable without debugging unbreakable joints though, no?
  7. Over-engineered space ships. Best I did was get a 775 ton Eve lander and returner into orbit. That was fun.
  8. I haven't been this excited for a KSP release in a long time Thank you Squad! I plan on doing some creative things with the asteroids.
  9. http://i2.dealtwith.it/i/n/dbd1b52e898673df2db0884e0ddd09a1/screenshot4.png http://i2.dealtwith.it/i/n/145f3a85d897f42685cae546ab29cd36/screenshot3.png This with full fuel tanks (441t or so) AND THIS with full fuel tanks (because it had so many parts I didn't want to dock with it) @771tons http://i4.dealtwith.it/i/n/7e31e134468fdf1bc50b44a3c6da0644/screenshot27.png
  10. Maybe you could also have Total Time in Space? Or Celestial Bodies Visited (try and get an Astronaut to visit every celestial body without dying!)
  11. Sorry for repeating what has already been thought of! <3 the game and all the new features
  12. Hey all! Been a longgggg time supporter of KSP (since it was $5), and thought that this would be a really cool feature with the inclusion of Career mode. Just have a little counter next to the astronaut that gets added to when you recover them. Have 3 counters: Total Missions Flown: Missions Flown in Space: Missions Flown to other Celestial Bodies: The idea to me would be that you could see that Jeb Kerman has flown a total of 60 missions, 20 of which eventually went to space, and then 10 of those in space where he landed on other planets/moons It doesn't even need to be that in depth, but I think it would add a bit of cool to see an astronaut with 100+ missions flown and see his stats, so to speak. Maybe also add a death counter for Jeb/Bill/Bob
  13. Exactly! Something like this, but in orbit around Moho with a massive orbital time (like 100 days) so I needed to do time warps but at the same time couldn't. I still think SSTLAB is my favorite, simply because it takes both piloting and engineering to do!
  14. So I got a ship stuck in a low orbit around Moho It had no fuel or docking ports (career mode) I wanted to recover the pod for the science. You can't hook it up to your ship, but you can capture it in a box. Unfortunately, when you warp, physics goes away so the ship falls through the ship it is contained in, leading me to have to intercept it at specific points, without time warp once I intercepted it, to kick its orbit out to Kerbin intersect. It was a massive pita
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