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  1. I'm not new to KSP but haven't played in a while, so I thought I'd go through the tutorial again as a refresh. I've added the command pod, bit I cannot get off the second screen where you have to add a parachute. I added the parachute, and It wants me to right click and set the min. pressure slider to 0.02, but it's impossible because on the slider the min is 0.04. It's not letting me choose back either. Weird. My screen is not frozen as I can move the dialog around. I have a screenshot if that helps. EDIT: I'm an idiot. It was .2 not .02. AHHHH, it's been one of those days at work too.
  2. Gary_P

    I think I found a bug

    Yeah, I spent the morning chasing a bug that turned out to be trying to compare a number to a string. I never saw the quotes. GRRRRR And then this? rofl
  3. I've tried a 100Km orbit. When I uncouple one part to attach it to another it floats away too fast to grab. I'm trying 500Km, to see if that works because I'm moving slower. Is there a sweet spot or something I'm doing wrong?
  4. Thanks so much for all the help. The robotics parts rock. I'm installing the new parts now. Can't wait!!
  5. Sorry, one more question. Do I want to install the 3 files from the 3 links, or the main file at the top of the page? For the latest v02 Pre-release follow this link
  6. Thanks ZodiusInfuser. So to be clear, do I uninstall the version I have with CKAn, and install these, or copy these over the top of the current install?
  7. Ah! Thank you. I thought I had the latest version. That's what CKAn was all about, yes? It tells me I'm using version v0.21.4, Max KSP version 1.0.5 I can install it manually no problem.
  8. I'm not sure what was happening but I'm able to dock at 100km now. MechJeb was doing weird stuff when I used the ronda-voo autopilot. It started creating a vertical orbit. I used HyperEdit, great add-on btw, to delete most of my ships and tried again. I also learned to have a few more thrusters and how to use them. (My bad). Thanks for the help too.
  9. The video above "What does Infernal Robotics let me do?" is old yes? He shows white parts that didn't come with my install. I have the latest version because I used ckan (awesome mod) to install it. Any other tutorials? I truly love the concept. Thanks!
  10. Snark, I'll do a test and time it and see.I didn't have time to switch to the other vessel and dock them.
  11. Thanks for the replies. It's practice I suppose. I'm going to try out a few more times on a save, and see what I'm doing wrong.
  12. Gary_P

    Fuel Tanks TIMES 2 1.0.4

    Damn, you guys are rough. LOL New programmers are always proud of what they do and they should be. One of the first things I did was alter a fuel tank when I first started and it served me well for a few weeks until I learned to manage my resources. Now if I'm testing something and not playing in my real game load, I'll use HyperEdit. It's like, "rats, I needed more juice in that battery." So I slide the slider to add more whatever, and move on.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I edited my question to be Km, and not meters. LOL, meters would be bad. I sent 3 ships up with parts for my space station. 2 had 2 tanks, connected with Clamp-O-trons. Each had tank1 and tank2. I wanted to uncouple both tank1's and then uncouple tank2's. Like a train that has to swap it's boxcars. It's not the uncoupling that's pushing them away, it's the game itself. I tried mechjeb to do the docking. I tried an experiment. I set one part in a 100Km orbit then did a rendezvous planner set to 50m. After it got into view and stopped, if I left it go the target will float away. I thought 2 bodies moving at the same time should not "feel" like they have any movement. Been a while since I played KSP and it's way fun learning all over again. Thanks for your comments and help.
  14. I joined right after the game went on Steam. Just coming back and I have to relearn everything!
  15. I set up a backup to cover myself. This way I'll have a chance of not losing everything each time that there is a update. Sorry for the frustration, but I forget that this is not a finished product. This last update was really a nice change too. Sorry if my post sounded cranky. Today was my root canal day. Now that it's over I feel better.
  16. I think it makes sense to change things for the better, but it truly sucks to try and play a game that you never know when you're going to lose it all and have to completely start over. Is it only me that is frustrated with this game? Edit: It's not the game but the updates. Turn off steam updates and backup your saves before updating. This will sometimes save headaches. If you have a mod that isn't compatible, the saved ships in orbit are lost before you have a chance to say no. This way in a day or so when there's an update to the mod, you can apply it and your ships should be ok unless there's a change like .9.
  17. Gary_P

    [0.90] Lazor System v35 (Dec 17)

    You are the best! This is a must have addon. I wish it was in the game. Romfarer, I woke up to this nice present from you this morning. So I thought I'd share this story. I saw this post and right away fired up KSP to try the fix. "It's still broken?" I thought. Gary, you idiot!! You have to download it and install the new version first! After installing the new version, (and coffee) it works perfect. Thank you.
  18. The problem is every time they update the program it breaks all of the mods and you don't get the chance to back out. You just lose all of the ships you have in orbit or where-ever. This made me quit in the past. I just came back to the exact same issue. it's a shame because the program is pretty cool, but without any mods it lacks. Edit: I thought about this all day yesterday when I wrote this. If I were the dev's, I'd be more concerned with my code's upgrade then if any mods would have to be updated. I wrote a nice backup system, and later tonight I'll post all my steps and code in case someone else needs it.
  19. Is anyone having shaking issues when looking at their AP or PA? It's like it has the jitters. The nodes are having the same issue.
  20. BigNose, just as an fyi, I downloaded it this morning with no issues. BUT, I use firefox with noscript enabled.
  21. Start out with a command pod mk1, then attach a z1k battery pack to the bottom. It snaps funny. It lets you snap it normally and then up farther then it's supposed to go. Like it snaps in 2 places. I don't know where to report this as a bug.
  22. Gary_P

    [0.90] Lazor System v35 (Dec 17)

    I use an MK1 command pod. Then try and connect a lazor main part to the top of it. It clicks but won't let go of the mouse. I try and place it as close as possible but it refuses to snap. I finally get it to let go of the mouse. It's like the blue ball connects then refuses to snap into place. I can sort of place it but it never really goes green. I've applied a rechargeable battery pack for power and all 4 lasers but the system won't activate when I click on the flyout in the upper right side of the screen. It says no target in the middle of the screen. I've tried this on the launch pad too. No go.
  23. Gary_P

    [0.90] Lazor System v35 (Dec 17)

    .9 update seems to have broken this. If I'm wrong and there's a fix, please let me know.
  24. Thank you for fixing MechJeb for .9 It's a must have addon for me.