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  1. CheesySquid279

    Its here!

  2. CheesySquid279

    What is the last game you beat?

    Last game I beat...Fallout New Vegas. I have played it so many times. I love that game.
  3. CheesySquid279

    How did you come to get your screen name?

    I was trying to think up a username for ps3, (long before I moved to PC) and I looked online and a suggestion was to pick a food, and an animal. Thus, the legacy of CheesySquid began. It has taken many forms, be they SirCheesySquid, or TheCheesySquid, or DatCheesySquid, but CheesySquid has remained nonetheless.
  4. CheesySquid279

    Do Not Taunt the Magic Boulder!

    Do not roundhouse kick the magic boulder.
  5. CheesySquid279

    If you were the first person on mars, what would you say?

    Its made out of jam!
  6. CheesySquid279


    [buh-voo-yee] Exclamation of excitement. Usually used in place of words similar to "cowabunga" funakyet
  7. CheesySquid279

    Rate that Sig

    10/10 Would crossover.
  8. CheesySquid279

    Randomness is the name of The Game

    Cheese! Its all cheese!
  9. CheesySquid279

    InfiniteDice -=Skillful=- Combat Damage & Weapons Mod

    Couldn't have said it better myself.
  10. Personally, I have had no problems at all using HyperEdit in .23, but that might just be me.
  11. CheesySquid279

    [DEAD] ICBM Pack

    I don't know that much about modding, but I will do some tweaking with the config files to see if I can balance it a little bit.
  12. CheesySquid279

    [DEAD] ICBM Pack

    I hope not. I love what there is so far and it has great potential.
  13. CheesySquid279

    KADEC - Kerbal Aerospace Defense Corporation

    Yay! I can't wait!