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  1. My first Rapier-powered SSTO. Maximum payload capacity 14%.
  2. Hmm, this makes me feel a lot better about my Mk.2 spaceplane's performance! I'll check out context menus as suggested. Oh and they may be crappy, but the Rule of Cool must always come first! EDIT: Just checked the Mk2 parts relative to the Mk1 parts on my plane. Holy excrement that drag! Query:- do you avoid Mk2 parts specifically because of this issue? I'd still like to use them where possible.
  3. Why are they crappy? Do you mean in terms of the amount of fuel they hold relative to size? They do provide a bit of body lift too if I'm not mistaken.
  4. Designed this a short while ago. It's a multirole plane for hauling small probes and ferrying crew. It can carry a Minmus lander into 100km orbit and have enough delta/v to dock with my crappy fuel station. Flies quite nicely. All I have to do is pitch down a couple of times during ascent then fire the LV-T30 and it'll ascend without having to touch the controls at all, even at very high AoA. I have a tendency for deleting saves and starting over so this is as far as I've gotten with career SSTOs. I plan on building something much bigger once I've got MK.3 parts and Rapiers.
  5. I posted this a while back and since then have changed one of the colours so here it is again - Kerbal Cosmos Agency
  6. Omg you actually did it! XD Nice plane! Onward with the race to the bottom!
  7. Awww look at the ickle wee spaceplane! I challenge anyone to make a spaceplane with lower tech!
  8. Yeah it doesn't work like it used to, you just post the album link now, no need for [imgur] tags. I still wish this forum had a "preview" mode for posts, like the old one did.
  9. Hey thanks! It just uses the regular MK2 bay (short one) and a service bay with probe core to make more room for cargo. I think I might be able to up the capacity by messing with fuel ratios since it still had 435m/s delta/v remaining, but I'm not going to push it. Even adding a little extra weight prevents it from getting enough speed to make orbit.
  10. Finally managed to design a working Panther Cargo SSTO. The payload capacity is a mere 650kg which is....excrementse, BUT IT loveING WORKS! The Panthers seem to find their sweet spot at 400m/s and 25-30 degree pitch. Once at around 21-22km I fire the LV-T30 and then pitch it down slightly to reduce the AoA. It can get to 70km apoapsis just fine. As soon as I have to circulise, I have to use it at 1/3rd throttle, because the engine has to be angled and it's a half degree off (wouldn't be a problem if I could use finer increments to angle it). I think the fuel draining from the tanks change
  11. Has anyone heard of this thing? I found out about it from some Homeworlders who are wetting their pants over it. It's a 4x MMO RTS where player-run empires clash for control of a persistent galaxy. The devs have said they're going for one-time purchase rather than F2P or subscriptions which I'm rather supportive of. There's a Beta signup you can go for here: https://goo.gl/WuvrwO I've been left high and dry on MMO betas in the past (looking at you Mechwarrior Online), but I'm genuinely looking forward to this one.
  12. See that's the thing, I can't remember which site I uploaded it to. I was hoping that by finding it here I might be able to track it down and recover it. XD
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