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  1. As someone who really likes Terraria, is Starbound a worthy upgrade? To me it looks like a sci-fi version of Terraria with more pixels, which sounds nice.
  2. Contrary to what some people might think, we're really not affiliated with the devs that much. I don't think I've ever even spoken to one of them. I really don't know any more than you, and I think my fellow mods would say the same.
  3. http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/hl-ike-addon-4/ The thrusters are just B9 Aerospace jets sadly. I've never seen the movie/documentary thingy, I just think the design is really cool. I might rescale the engine sizes and stick some Infernal Robotics in there, though. Or just use the B9 VTOL jets, scaled down of course.
  4. To celebrate exams being done, and as something completely different: Balloon probes!
  5. Do resources change your SSTO or mining base design, aside from what fuel tank you use? Does having resources make the game "harder", or does does it make it easier to return from distant planets if you've messed up your Delta-V, but remembered to pack a drill? At the end of the day it's something you'd play with for a few weeks, then master, and pine for another feature to make the game that you've already mastered harder. I think everyone here needs to calm down and see how Squad acts before picking up the torches and pitchforks. Wait a couple versions and see where they take career mode. Ca
  6. Personally, I wouldn't care whether they made one or not. Most of the stuff I do in my space program anyway is just for Rule Of Coolâ„¢ and when I feel like doing important stuff, Kethane serves my purposes flawlessly.
  7. Hey Lack, I found time to try out your really fancy The-Last-Days-On-Mars-alike cockpits between exams, and I'm having a couple problems with them. Whenever I deploy to the pad they're totally uncontrollable (yes, I stuck a probe core on them), glide mysteriously over the runway without the (stock) wheels spinning, the 'revert flight' bar becomes faded out so I can't revert and parts of the UI disappear. Upon checking the debug log, I see an infinite chain of NullReferenceException. And yep, I'm using the most up-to-date version of Vanguard. Any ideas?
  8. I resent that! I was an avid KSP player and partaker of forums before, and I still am, despite the utter horror that is college exams right now. Now I just happen to be able to lock things that could make this place less fun, while I have fun. I'm still me. I didn't really do anything that special, I didn't ask, I'm not paid for it. Someone asked me to do it, and since I really like this place, I said yes.
  9. It does the same thing that a bunch of RTGs would do, doesn't it? It certainly weighs enough.
  10. I know the feel. It's the reality of the situation in college. You have grades, social life, and sleep, and you can only have two of those.
  11. Hey look, a successful dual launch! It's not like one of my rocket's upper stages snapped off or anything...
  12. Layt- Aww... Gilly is pretty awesome! The light gravity makes it great for mining Kethane because it's so easy to get back into orbit. It's also a great place to test strange landers (grappling hooks everywhere), and it's also an excellent place to deorbit and crash things in slow motion.
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