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  1. Non-RO craft files dont work with RO-parts, your going to have to build it yourself
  2. I havent checked if this has already been reported, but Im having a bug with this in RSS, whenever I drop my first stage on very heavy launchers the procedural fairings base has a structural failure from the procedural tank of the second stage, even though almost no forces are actually applied. I'm using 0.9 and it happens with both compatible versions of this mod, and I assume this is something to do with the fairings base, which weighs about 20 tonnes, having appropriately large nodes, while the tank which weighs about 1000 tonnes has very small connections.
  3. I've been testing my new 350 Tonne to orbit RSS lifter for an upcoming Mars mission, with... mixed results. .
  4. Im having a bug where the LR87-H2 has no visable exhaust, while the debug menu is spammed with "[Exception]: MissingFieldException: Field '.Part.uid' not found." I have cool rockets installed for real effects, and its working fine with every other supported engine I tried, is anyone else experiencing this? Ok the debug message is still being spammed even with the LR87-H2 uloaded, so it must be something on my 3-crew orbiter. Maybey its to do with right clicking in RCS thrusters, including the capsule, to deactivate them not actually deactivating them, even though the popup-menu says they are. None of the RCS thrusters are achnowlaged by RCS build aid, so I assume this is a problem with RCSFX not being fully compatible with 0.9? Ive been experimenting more and have found that the debug spam is not caused by RCS thrusters but by the MK1-2 pod, possibly because I don't currently have TAC installed as its too unstable. Ive found another bug with RCS thrusters shown here: As you can see I am holding the H key to thrust foward with RCS, but the one on the left as you see it isn't thrusting at all, while the one to the right is thrusting at varying thrusts. I have no control systems such as SAS enabled, and the crafts center of mass is inline so I assume this is some kind of bug?
  5. Sorry I just realised I posted a bug report in this thread not the main one, Ive moved it now.
  6. I know, I've been using RP0 fine since the pre-release. I tend to install all my major mods first, e.g. RP0, KCT, RSS, make an openGL shortcut and then test they work and then install other non-major mods like RVE and Fusebox afterwards. Im using the tech tree taken from a 0.25 install but apparently that's fine, and since I've tried a second install I really cant see how this issue is confined to me.
  7. Ive tried a fresh install and Im still getting parts in the wrong places, early capsules being impossible to unlock for some reason and some parts having wrong entry costs, even with the new tree.cfg. Are you guys sure your tech trees are right?
  8. Oh, I asumed it was wrong because some stuff seemed in the wrong place, like the LR87-H2 was in orbital rocketry, and the RL-10 beeing in heavy rocketery, while they where both in Early Hydrolox Engines on my last install, along with a bunch of other things.
  9. I just tried copying it into gamedata/RP0. I have no idea how one compiles or indeed what compiling is. Is it the note at the top of the file about Pearl and DWIM Pearl?
  10. Well that seems to work, but the 0.25 tech tree is very out of date. I've tried moving the tree.yml in the RP0 master directory into gamedata, and tried ding the same but converting it into cfg, but nothing worked. Can someone in the know tell us if this was an oversight or if we are missing something
  11. Strangely RP0 doesn't seem to show up at all in the CKAN GUI for 0.90, and i don't know how to use the command line. Has anyone else had a problem with manual installs not working?
  12. I've made a new install and started a new save for 0.9 and have encountered a bug where parts aren't going into their correct tech nodes. For example the 1 man capsule is in the first node, along with the gamma engines and a bunch of other stuff that would usually be there but shouldn't be with RP0. Regular contracts that shouldn't be available are also loading such as one to reach 5km. This is a manually install because ckan wouldn't work because TAC life support, and I've tried re-installing RP0 and module manager. Does anyone have a fix for this?
  13. Would it not be possible to make a system where you need to have certain part present, i.e. an apropriate avionics ring, before vessels above a certain mass can be launched? So by placing a small probe core your maximum launch mass is 500kg, but when you add a small avionics ring it increases to 150t? Sort of like how tech nodes limit launch mass in BTSM? Or would that be incredibly difficult?
  14. Cool, I wish I could do it myself, but I briefly dabbled in making RO configs for the Liondhead ESA launchers but found it just to hard and time consuming to pick up. On another note this pack really lacks lightweight probe parts early on, the lightest early probe core weighs 50kg alone, next to the Pioneer moon orbiter weighing 38kg with antenna, orbital insertion engine, batteries and all, and the Vanguard I satellite weighed just under 1.5kg.