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  1. bump. using latest dev builds post new year. If you enter a negative number into the box it will be rejected. try a positive one. like for minmus instead of -6 try 354
  2. Hi I've been following latest dev builds trying to stay up to date to maintain compatibility with 1.6.1. there seems to be some issue/bug with the landing guidance locking up and losing its count of "height above surface" and then subsequently allowing crafts to crash without performing a landing burn. This seems to happen most when it is trying to correct the distance to target and often as an indicator, the predicted landing zone will move dramatically to the west of the target as well as the height counter locking up. I only run mechjeb and alarm clock mods if that helps.
  3. I think it's time you update the introduction video bro. Thanks for sticking with the mod through the updatez. Also, any of you that are having trouble: You can keep this mod updated with CKAN.
  4. I dont know what to say. I made a rocket, it went into orbit, it did some science, it came back down, when I hit the recover button after landing the game crashed.
  5. I've been fooling around with 1.1 and trying to make a SSTO. Unfortunately my progress has been blocked due to an issue with the mk1 in-line cockpit. Even with radiators attached and running, upon reentry at about 45 km up the cockpit pops. I've tried all sorts of different variations, adding radiators and turning them on..., adding things to the front to buffer the heat, etc. The strange thing is, its the only part that heats up and shows the meter. none of the other parts connected seem to take any heat. I've gotten the attached radiators up to 40% cooling before the cockpit explodes. Its not like I'm dropping really low and fast... I've switched to the rest of the craft after the cockpit explodes and it rides out the rest of the re-entry no problemo. Please get better QA.
  6. So is 1.0.3 dead in the water or something? I don't really care about ps4, and I dont think any of the customers that purchased a PC game really care either. yea, cool, ps4 version... but I would rather have a game that works as intended (without crashes and bugs) first.
  7. It's not just you, it's all of us. Please Squad, no one wants new features that are locked into a game that crashes constantly.
  8. it costs more like 3600 delta v to get to orbit. Going skimpy on the first leg of your chart is doom for anyone who follows it.
  9. you want to use vacuum delta-v and atmospheric TWR.
  10. Thanks for 1.0 Squad. You've outdone yourselves this time.
  11. I didn't have any problems with my reentries. I used a pod with a science jr and a service module with a mystery goo in it, and then the heat shield. as far as being offset from the center, real capsules fall in an offset manner as well, its part of the design.
  12. I noticed that sometimes when I launch a craft or reenter the atmosphere it is very very quiet. For some reason the ambient wind sound doesn't play. If you tap escape the sounds start again, sometimes.
  13. Hi, I am playing on an unmodded .90 install. I received a contract to rescue a kerbal from low kerbin orbit. I created a vessel to retrieve him as usual, and then when I tried to launch and set my target I was unable to do so. I got up into orbit thinking there was some limitation there, but no, I still could not target him. I tried reloading stuff. Was there some change that would prevent me from targeting something in orbit from the launch pad now?
  14. did you try flipping the switch on the back of it from ps2 to pc? that stick has lots of issues with the control inputs and i suggest you get something else.
  15. I mean, I'm not going to say I told you so or anything else because they don't seem to be listening. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/75971-Fix-Kerbals-so-they-dont-drift-or-fall-off-ladder-when-going-EVA?p=1080451#post1080451
  16. This is a suggestion that you prioritize fixing the map and the node system so that they do not jitter all over the place before adding any more new features.
  17. I want to make a delta IV rocket, and those are all 5 meter parts. I would like stock 5 meter parts to be added to the tree to help extend it and give me a reason to do more science than just the mun and minmus.
  18. Mechjeb sounds like what you are looking for. You can use the Delta V window to help you plan your rockets. make sure you have > 1 TWR and at least 4500 delta v. If you dont want to have the autopilot features, you could use the Engineer mod instead. http://deltavmap.com/ is helpful to plan missions for other planets and so on. If you are looking for something to visit on the map try using http://www.kerbalmaps.com/
  19. The only thing they really need to focus on are making sure the testing constraints are believable. Example: I have a radial mount parachute contract that says that the minimum speed i can use it is 420 m/s, but the altitude is only max 4.8 km. Obviously nothing is going to be going that fast, that low, in the atmosphere even without parachutes. Im going to have to rig up a super special rocket just to complete it, and its not worth anything, so its just a drain on my funds. Another example: using the BACC booster at 16000 m. Why would you want to test the booster twice as high as it's going to be used? Yeah? Try testing the SLS super-long SRB in orbit. The contract system is suppose to fill your science tree instead of "science mode", so Im not sure why you are complaining about that.
  20. I dug through the notes but didn't see some of the changes mentioned by the devs as being worked on, so I thought I would ask: Were the joints fixed so they don't fall apart or pancake when transferring in and out of time warp? Was the SAS induced wobbling on large long crafts fixed? Did struts actually get two end points now? Were external command seats fixed to not permanently break Kerbals when they fall out? Is the orbit calculated from the center of mass yet, so that it doesnt wobble around on the map screen? Was the maneuver system improved at all? (considering the predictions still disappears and glitches out 50% of time) overall thanks for the massive update. I hope it doesn't crash, because I still don't play single player games that crash.
  21. Not really a fan of the whole debris disappearing at 2.5 km thing if they have value attached to them. The game just seems kind of broken if you cant just stick chutes on your boosters and get credit for recovery once they are jettisoned with parachutes deployed, since its the games limitation not the players design.
  22. Had a little issue with the Aluminum Hybrid Rocket today. Apparently it reverted one of the models back to the standard booster size when I used time warp.
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