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  1. Chet's on standby, he has made a recovery and is ready for command of a flight, possibly an endurance flight of Kerbin orbit. However, due to medical reasons, cannot fly past the Mun, but is allowed to ride.
  2. lol, four "powerful" ion thrusters Im excited to see where this is going, a ship like that and its crew cant be perfect
  3. Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyeysyeydewhuhgabkjrhkuxtfmhnljkhulmgjnmyuklmg. ljlkn I require more. Naow.
  4. Your not exhaling into space... lol Your taking the CO2 into a tank, storing it, and then shooting it out for dV
  5. Replying to this- I guess i worded the title wrong, as this isnt an engine, but an RCS fuel. Also now i want to find out how much dV blowing a mercury hatch would make
  6. lol, sorry I was thinking of the dumps on the Mercury capsule... and it didnt even dump co2
  8. Now now, before you say it wont work, i know it wont. But its cool Now, we know humans produce Co2 right? Manned spacecraft just dump it. But, what if, it could be used as propulsion? According to a study by the United States Department of Agriculture, an average person's respiration generates approximately 450 liters (roughly 900 grams) of carbon dioxide per day.. Then times three or four people. This is 1800 liters of CO2 every day. What if it could be used for the Reaction Control System on a spacecraft? This has advantages and dis-advantages: 1. Cheaper RCS and lighter tanks 2. refuel na
  9. Oh yes. Just yes. i know what my next project is
  10. I sent you an email, check it Also, Nerdcubed would be fantastic, perhaps a petition?
  11. Not really... ive had that idea for a while, but that just pushed me to do it. Ive also wanted to do another one, cant remember the name, but i havent asked either.
  12. Oh... sorry. I wasnt asking you though, if i had his support, it would be better
  13. Would you mind if a made a movie out of First Flight? I have a mainly KSP based YT channel, and i think it would be interesting. You would be an adviser. I would try to recreate all of it.
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