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  1. One thing I would like to see is a set of simple Logic Gates: AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, XNOR
  2. I came across this issue when I was trying to find out what the periapsis should be over KSC if you want to land there. I noticed the orbit and location of my ship changing each time I tried testing the mission. KSP Version: v1.4.1.2089 (WindowsPlayer x64) en-us What Happens: Orbits created in Mission Builder do not save correctly. Mods /Add-Ons: All Stock (Fresh Install) Steps to Replicate: 1) Open Mission Builder 2) Open Mission Brief - rename - click ok 3) Select 'Spawn Vessel' node 4) Choose 'Creator Built' 5) Choose 'Create New Vessel' 6) Select 'Take me to the VAB' 7) Select 'Mk1 Command Pod' 8) Leave - Click 'Save and Continue' 9) Select 'Spawn Vessel' node 10) Choose 'Untitled Space Craft' from 'Please select a craft' dropdown 11) Choose 'In Orbit' from 'Situation' dropdown 12) Change Periapsis to 38000 13) Change Apoapsis to 100000 14) Change Arg. of Periapsis to 196 degrees 15) Change Target of Mean Anomaly to 260 degrees 16) Click 'Assign Crew' 17) Assign Jebediah Kerman to the Mk1 - click ok 18) Save and Test Mission 19) Return to Mission Builder 20) Click 'Spawn Vessel' node 21) Test Mission 22) Finish the test mission by crashing 23) Return to Mission Builder - End Test 24) Click 'Spawn Vessel' node Result: Note 1 - step 18) The purpose for this is to crash near KSC Note 2 - step 18) You will notice the Target of Mean Anomaly is not 260 degrees Note 3 - step 18) You will notice the Periapsis where it should be Note 4 - step 20) You will notice Target Mean Anomaly is still set to 260 degrees, but the world viewer does not reflect this Note 5 - step 20) Changing Target Mean Anomaly from and to 260 degrees updates the world viewer Note 6 - step 22) Mission time should finish around T+ 0y, 0d, 00:18:45 Note 7 - step 24) You'll notice the Periapsis is no longer above the KSC Note 8 - step 24) Even though Mission Start Time is set to 0 time seems to have jumped forward for the orbit and world viewer after testing. Saving and playing a mission instead of just testing yields the same results of the last test. Fixes/Workarounds: N/A Other Notes/Pictures/Log Files: Pictures of 3 different Map Views with the same settings.
  3. Release please .. or PM me a link to it, and I'll do some testing in the mean time.
  4. Best Addon for sorting parts.. can't wait for the Keystroke TODO
  5. I know you have PartGoal's, but what about PartRestriction .. that way you can restrict the use of certain parts.. things like Nuclear Engines or number of certain parts or limit to a number of parts for the vessel.
  6. I was searching through the forum about the docking issue, and I may be pointing you in the wrong direction, but I found this... source ---------------------------------- also: from mechjeb core line 46-63 : source also noticed in the docking autopilot files that they use: My guess is they doesn't check to see if the dock was successful, they just check to see that it is close enough the magnetic dock will connect and that the other (target) vessel no longer exists. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ further research This is from HydroTech RCS Autopilot -- HydroTech_RCS_code.zip\Autopilots\APDockAssist0.cs -- lines 354 - 382
  7. >.< .. it allowed me to recycle my vehicle after I landed but before I finished the mission Vostok I... now it says "This is a recycled vessel. You can't finish any missions with this vessel!" and I have 32000k less in my pocket.
  8. Well done , I love the modular setup you have.
  9. Maybe for docking you can check to see if the name "Docking Ship A" still exists after "Docking Ship B" docks to it, since the two ships will become one named "Docking Ship B".
  10. As for Docking... Doesn't it eliminate a ship currently orbitting. Say you have "Ship A" already in orbit... and you dock to it with "Ship B". It would become? "Ship B?" and "Ship A" would no longer exist. You can check to see if "Ship A" is still existing or not for a successful dock.
  11. Am I the only one not able to get a fresh install of KSP 0.20 and [0.20.0] Kerbal Crew Manifest v0.5.3.0. to work with the seats?
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