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  1. Yes, MFT is no longer needed but still the "default". Check the changelog, support added for FSFuelSwitch, Interstellar, and ConfigurableContainers. Feel free to swap out MFT for whichever mod you prefer. Thanks for the info, I will look into this once I get the chance.
  2. Updated for v1.9/v1.10 v4 (11/08/2020) *Updated for 1.10.x* *Resolved conflicts that occur when multiple fuel mods are installed (FSFuelSwitch, Interstellar, ConfigurableContainers, etc). FW takes priority if possible* *Replaced ProceduralWings support for B9 ProceduralWings* *Added ability for maximum fuel value to scale up/down as procedural wing changes in size*
  3. I'm experiencing a sort of game-breaking bug with this mod, in 1.9 I use it because it's required with BD Armory. However, the bug occurs when I'm reverting a flight to launch, or flying in LKO nearby Kerbin. I have an external command module sitting on the grass right outside of KSC (it broke off of a rover that I was testing), and each time I revert my flight to launch, or fly near KSC, my vessel immediately switches from the one I was piloting, to the external command module. At the top of my screen, it says: "[PhysicsRangeExtender]Extending terrain: lifting vessels." Could you please fix this?
  4. Just a thought I've had for a while, I wanted to share with you guys...I think the name "Kerbal Space Program" should be slightly modified into "Kerbal Space Simulation", "Kerbal Space Simulation Program", something similar, so that a wider range of audience can understand what the game actually entails. I remember the last time I told a random person about KSP, they took one look at the name and the little green kerbals and immediately assumed it was just some dumb kiddie game. But KSP is obviously much much more than that, as it's meant to be a true simulation of orbital mechanics and atmospheric conditions (even if the planets are made up), etc. So I feel like KSP2 should be renamed to KSSP, KSS2, or something similar before the release. Just a thought. What do you guys think?
  5. I recommend this mod called FuelWings, if you like to make airplanes.
  6. @[email protected] I've found the most bizzare work-around for my issue..And I think it's a bug with BDA, and not my installation. I'm on Linux, so that may be a factor. Upon going in and re-analyzing the log file myself, I noticed that BDA was looking in the wrong directory for some of the files it requires. Even though I dropped BDA and PhysicsRangeExtender in my normal GameData directory: /home/<username>/KSP_linux/GameData/BDArmory/ According to the logs, BDA was looking for it's files in: /home/<username>/GameData/BDArmory/ So in order to work-around my issue, I had to make a NEW GameData folder in my home directory (not KSP directory), and place a 2nd copy of my BDA folder in the new GameData folder. Once I did that, I was able to fire a missile and not have it dissapear when selecting the "Fire" option.
  7. Looking for a mod that can better simulate the actual startup of air-breathing engines. In real life, most airplane engines take a while to spool up and get going. And depending on the condition (weather, cart-start procedure, etc) you'll even see a cloud of smoke produced during it. So I'd love if there was a mod that could make the airplane engines start up much slower, replace the startup sounds, and even add the smoke effect depending on the condition.
  8. I should've mentioned that I tested this outside of the KRASH simulation (The vessel was built, and launched) and it made no difference. The bug still exists nonetheless, so it shouldn't have anything to do with KRASH. edit: I just realized I'm on KSP 1.4.1 and not 1.4.2 aswell
  9. Was I supposed to do something other than drop the BD Armory and PhysicsRangeExtender folders into GameData?
  10. I'm having a slight problem on my linux installation of KSP 1.4.2: As you can see, the missile just dissapears when trying to fire or jettison.
  11. Hello, I'm the author of FuelWings and I currently have my mod listed on CKAN, but it is listed as incompatible with my version of KSP (I'm on 1.4.1 on Linux), although I have the latest version of the mod listed on CKAN (compatible with versions up to 1.4.2) Could someone help me figure out what's going on? NetKAN config: https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/NetKAN/blob/master/NetKAN/FuelWings.netkan
  12. The latest version of FuelWings is on CKAN, but I'm currently having some issues getting it to display under the "Compatible" mods filter. Will be looking into resolving that.
  13. No, it does not work. It is being worked on. Here is the thread:
  14. I'd love if a mod existed, where it would spawn a bunch of kerbals, lined up near KSC (as if they were awaiting to watch the rocket launch) everytime I go to the launhpad. And as I ascended, they would look up towards the rocket and maybe cheer.
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