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  1. A man walks into a bar. He falls face-first and gets a nosebleed.
  2. http://www.copenhagensuborbitals.com/pressrelease_cs_23022014.pdf I find this to be very saddening news. I hope Kristian comes back, and I hope this doesn't set the group back. Your opinions, KSP?
  3. I still am sitting in my roll-based hill. My hill.
  4. I use rolls to build a new hill. My hill.
  5. It is a Russia Why aren't kinder eggs banned everywhere?
  6. I cover the hill with rolls, suffocating everyone in the hill. My bread-covered hill.
  7. Jeb is both alive and dead. How do you explain sunset if there is no god?
  8. Bigcheecho


    Yes! And please, no political discussion with this.
  9. Bigcheecho


    Fine, I'll add another verse: The hollow ball of chocolate is not necessarily sphere, But it can fit a little contraption inside So the riddle so far is: What has no fear for sticks of thunder, yet cowers at the sight of a hollow ball of chocolate? They are capable of immense power, greater than that of all other kings, yet they still fear the hollow ball. The hollow ball of chocolate is not necessarily sphere, but it can fit a little contraption inside. No.
  10. Bigcheecho


    Not neccesarily metaphorical, but not 100% literal, either. It can be viewed as fear, but it's not in the normal sense of the word. Also, deadpanda, the hollow chocolate ball is literal, and the sticks of thunder are metaphors for another object. However, I won't go any further than "metaphorical or literal".
  11. However, it does require intelligence, like LEGO does to a certain extent. A scaringly large amount of kids from my generation are the ordinary "cawadoody" or "#lunch" person, who would ragequit in less than an hour of the demo, let alone the full game, let alone the game with the mods I use (FAR, TAC Life Support, RemoteTech, Kethane, KW, & Bargain Rocket Parts), let alone using those mods plus doing the calculations.
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